Tuesday, September 1, 2020




Pondering by the sea shore,

the vast expanse

of the land baffled me!

Gazing at the sunset and beyond,

why would not the fathomless

stretch of eternity,

overwhelm my soul?


Happiness, peace,

‘elan’ passion-

the first two required

for order, sanity,

imperative for our days.

Without the next two,

however, wouldn’t I be

like some dead wood

cast into the flaming fire,

with the core of

my being sorely aborted?


Be not love’s fool in this

metaphor of chaos!

Rather be love’s victor

and clear the trail.

Don’t we believe it is better

to be safe than sorry?

Pragmatics over Aesthetics?


Dr ANNIE POTHEN, Prof and former Head, Dept of English, Secunderabad, PG College of Science Osmania University, Hyderabad, India has a passion for writing poetry. Over the years, her poems have been published in journals likeQUEST , PEN, POEMS-98,  REMARKINGS and others. She has received a Certificate of Excellence for publishing poetry on the Paradoxist Literary Movement from the University of Arizona(USA). SOUL reflections-Volume 1 has been published by Amazon on Kindle. Volume 2 to be released shortly. She also has 25 unpublished poems, many of which were written to celebrate significant events in Osmania University, Hyderabad, India. She is highly rated by audience in public discourses on a wide range of topics. The poetic volume Soul Reflections-Interrogatory Verse has thirtytwo poems published by AMAZON in KINDLE

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