Tuesday, September 1, 2020



Why Can Love Be So?

Why can it be?
When it is unreciprocated?
Can love thrive by itself?

Nay! It cannot!

Love is like a flower
It needs to be watered daily
Otherwise, it dies.

Oh, yes! It has to be reciprocated!

It is of the loved and the beloved
A meeting of hearts and minds
For love, as they say, begets love.

What can be more lovely?

Is there a thing so much lovelier?
Is there a feeling so much comforting
And even so much more fulfilling?

What can be more beautiful?

Is there an emotion so much more beautiful?
Alas, yes, there is!
Love is ever so wonderful indeed!

I Have Loved You

I have loved you in the here and now
I have loved all your frailties and shortcomings.

I have loved all of you and everything about you
I have loved you so much to the overflowing.

I have always said, and I have always promised
That my love will remain ever so fresh like the flowers.

That I will love you even when everyone has left
That I will love you till the heavens are no more.

If love is everything there is and if love conquers all
If love alone is enough, why have you gone?

Will love then die or end when you leave?
Will love still breed when all else has fallen?

When Love Strikes

When love strikes at first instance
From first we met till first we spoke
Realization likewise strikes like thunderbolt
Alas! It is something unfathomable, unexplainable.

I knew then, it will always be you!
For no one can touch my whole being like you do
You have burned inside the recesses of my soul
And have ever remained deeply etched within.

If this feeling be real, if this be true
Ever be the only one my heart recognizes
And stay unfadingly fresh like the flowers
Though the heavens are no more.


Dr. JANET C. PASCUAL holds a BSE-English degree, an M.A. in Education with specialization in Child Study, M.A. units in English Language Teaching and Ph.D. units in Applied Linguistics including earned units in Ed.D. in Innovative Educational Management and now holds a Doctorate Degree in Educational Administration. Her locally published works include textbooks and work texts in English, Literature and Humanities. Apart from writing, editing and publishing, Dr. Pascual also writes reflective and love poetry and recites them as well, both for competitions and for leisure as she dedicates them to private friends.

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