Tuesday, September 1, 2020



Parlance Of A Poet

We are a soul tandem
that will sprinkle glimpses of truths
upon the great walls
of dispassion and disillusioned souls

We are the sun and earth
so distant yet so near
tandem to enkindle life
black nights follow morning delights

How many applauses our poems offer?
To brim hopes
that will partake sunbeams
to the darkened spirit of human souls

We are lockdown but not knockdown
believing when we unite we will stand
we are enclosed while the creatures are free
we may never be what we used to be

But we are tandem of repertoire
to enshrine then sprinkle candor
implore peaceful coexistence
as the heart is the parlance of a poet.
Copyright: Eden Soriano Trinidad
June 15, 2020


Can we stop the rain from falling?
The sun from rising every morning?
And bask the earth with ethereal beauty?
Who can say to the birds to stop flying above the earth?
And choose the branches they want to perch
And the beast of the fields from being greedy?
Who can stop a baby’s wailing
missing the warmth of mom’s arm when left him suddenly cold
and miss the lullaby of the first voice he hears
“if the sparrows are sold for a penny?
None of them fall to the ground outside his care”
even our neighbors and friends
we all are more valuable than all these things.

A Call for World Peace
But, there’s no world war for the past 7 decades!
But that does mean we have already achieved world peace?
A vehement “never”! The world is untamed.
We don't have world war but we have Nations war and gender war!
Let not today nations problems hinder the call for world peace.

Let's stop creating havoc with nations affairs.
Shall we just look at the bright beaming smiles of an innocent child?
Will they still see and enjoy the garden of tulips and roses?
Let’s bejeweled the future of our children's children.
Regardless of gender, diverse ethnicities, we have one home, one paradise.

Life In The Midst Of Uncertainties

The darkest nightmare invades and looming the earth and its people
Lurking and nestled as royalty in its man-made palace hall
Spinning amid human being weary byways and highways of life
With dignity and power, devouring turmoiled fresh human blood
Lingering on our homes through eternity, no plan to say goodbye

2020 pandemic took it away to a different world of no return
Vanished, dissipated, Oh, World War C have broken our hopes
And turn our silvery mornings into the murkiest night moods
When even without bread, and pockets are worn with holes
We lovers are sweet like honeydew, ripened soft peaches, and kisses

We want to hold hands while walking and say sweet nothings
Now are separated by the open umbrellas having like "LQ" lovers quarrel
Rendering only the touches of melancholy tune that awakens a dead soul
Abducted away the simple joys and the gorgeous feelings in love
Beautiful souls and hearts, longing for those golden moments apart

Snuggling upon beloved shoulders cuddling gently in a clasp finger
Intertwine on long silky tendrils enfolding gently with soft caresses
Its fragrance mist and sweet taste consoling pleasing sensation accords
On that even in desolation a desperate and cheerless soul
Verily longing much for flowers of affection from the muse.
All Right Reserved 2020


EDEN SORIANO TRINIDAD hails from the Philippines. She is a poet, translator, enterprenuer, humanitarian and peace advocate. She has translated in Filipino 4 Epic books of famous International authors. Her poetry books are translated in various languages. Her selected poems are featured on the full page in Haiphong weekend, Văn Ngh newspapers, Nht L Vietnam literary magazine, China National newspaper “Science Herald”, First World daily Poetry in Macao and Weixin. The University of the Philippines Institute of the Philippines Creative Writing Freelipiniana Online Library (FOL) published five of her books and works. She has participated in numerous International and local anthologies and International literary and humanitarian conferences.

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