Tuesday, September 1, 2020




New Deal


Before the New Deal

Looking at the stars from the bottom of the Jialing River

The sound of gongs and drums symbolizing dawn

Uploaded from a distant city wall

I still don’t see the person in my heart


Beard secretly added

When walking on this hard-snowy road

Clothes no longer reveal the glory of the master


Used to be addicted to fame and fortune

A labor career is as if inborn and could never be taken away

Would embark on an expedition

Like Odysseus did in the Greek mythology


April is always sunny

Flowers showy at the foot of the north and south walls

Look into the high mountains

Spring comes earlier than usual

Thick shade

The singing of the poor hires

Coming through the porch forever

Labor seems to be the spirit of high-spirited people


Carlos Saavedra Lamas

A disciplined professional in the office

A logician at the conference table

A charming host in an art gallery

The elegant man in a suit

Nobel Peace Prize 





Thoughts Of My Life Knew Before


The page full poems

The thoughts full night

Just for that heartbreak

Just for so many past memories crowded in upon my mind

Teared up the poem page

I suddenly lost the page of thought


The page full poems

The completely torn night

Did not see the so-called peace of mind

My mind has been hollowed out

Conceived the poem

Also broke off the lingering night


Carefully posted back a page

The torn scar

Scotch tape fall to pieces

As if

The bandages for healing

Smooth it out daily

Still can't wait for the recovered soul

How can I

Not blame

my selfishness? 




Life And Death In The Forest


Look at this fruit as bright red as blood, it will not just be a dream in our forest

If you want to


Between you and me

There won't be only wails


Among these vast forests, would not just conceive only one fruit like this

Had better not dare to try anything


That greed in your eyes

Or blood red will not only contaminate the fruit


Your claws are not as sharp as mine

Your beak is not as hard as me

Your wings and feathers are less plump than me

Your will is not as firm as mine

Your voice even is not as sad as mine


Under my scalding, ruthless eyes

This red

It's already hot as flames, crimson like fires

Not afraid of getting yourself under the fire

Bring it on 



TZEMIN ITION TSAI Prof. Dr. Tzemin Ition Tsai(蔡澤民博士) was born in Taiwan, in 1957. He holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and two Masters of Science in Applied Mathematics and Chemical Engineering. He is a scholar with a wide range of expertise, while maintaining a common and positive interest in science, engineering and literatur e. Dr. Tsai is not just an accomplished poet, he is an essayist, novelist, columnist, editor, translator, academic, engineer, mathematician, and so many other things. His literary creation specializes and expertise in the description of nature, the anatomy of emotion and humanity, life writing, graphic writing, cross-domain writing and so on. Dr. Tsai has carried out a number of educational research with the development of teaching materials in his country. He has won many national literary awards. His literary works have been anthologized and published in books, journals, and newspapers in more than 40 countries and translated into more than 20 languages. Tsai is a professor at Asia University(Taiwan), editor of Reading, Writing and Teaching academic text. He also writes the long-term columns for Chinese Language Monthly in Taiwan. There are many famous poets from different countries in the world through his Chinese translations and introductions were able to be recognized by the people of China.



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