Tuesday, September 1, 2020



Not Even A Word

I sit and watch the rain
spreading further across the field
it remained unseen
by the naked eye until now
without even a word
it can say it all.

Where Are You Going?

Not a single star
In the heavenly night
Darkness seeped down my throat
Into an eternity for the dead
O miserable man,
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
Poor you…

When She Leave

Tomorrow she will leave
The next day she will go forever
The lunar presence changed river patterns
Who knows what the distant stars called it
As the night reached later hours
My body felt the pressure of light coming forth.
The next day she had fled.

Winter Evenings

Winter evenings
Spent behind tinted windows
The sand piled on the beaches
Is defeated by a drunken rain
Between the smoke and noise
I silently drink the wine
Leaving the crowded tavern
And into the heavy influence of the rain.


XHELAL TOSKU was born and lives in the city of Rrogozina. After graduating from high school, he attended the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Tirana and then the Faculty of Language and Literature in Elbasan. Specializes as a librarian at the National Library in Tirana. He has worked as a veterinarian, teacher, librarian. He has published these books: “In the first station”. “Do not forget to come”, “Blind sadness”, “Cypress on the street” “Nothing with then”, “For now” and “Simply at all”

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