Thursday, October 1, 2020



Savoring The Unknown

In space
between the thought and the will
mind and unconsciousness
arrhythmic selfish feelings
fear takes over
bright hues of joy

in spite of an efficient mind
you overlooked the nocturnal
essence of the interior

every man has his own fate
pain that he cannot share
and happiness that he gives to others
inaccessible soul
submissive heart

the heart chokes
consciousness goes out
the soul lives

you have to fall

with the last autumn leaf
colorfully fly away

• • •

soul reconciled with the past
blends into the ocean
to become it’s drop


Disquieting Perception

With fabric of the heavens
you shade your vision
to see the buds of surprises

from the darkness of the infinite sky
the Earth is less readable
life like an arena
we fight
we gain
and always unsatisfied
(failure of being)

the religious perspective creates hope
it doesn’t condense uncertainty
like disbelief
however, it doesn’t protect against despair

you cannot look for the sense of existence
exclusive in immortality
spiritual intensity
protects against the objectification of God
He exists even in rejection
you stand alone in front of Him
without the emblem
good done is your ID

the soul is never immobile
but the death of an old man
it’s awkward
to the impatient


Internal tear

Their love
plunges growth
of unreal expectations
intensifying thirst

with the stream of consciousness
short-lived as a rainbow
they moisten realm of insufficiency

his arrhythmic heart
writes the last poem
full of inexpressible
will he make you happy
or walk away in failure?

careworn organism
mind animated
(maybe will bring the heart rhythm back)
maybe God’s surprise
from sky’s palate
will bring death into agony
give chance to reach The Beginning

lasting in suffering
parting as apparent relief



I’m looking for immortality
by distancing from the body

I have a body
but I’m not a body
hypocrisy or divinity –
but from the childhood
I maintain community awareness
of dead and alive

life (temporary)
vainly resuscitated
death still healthy
seeming to be possible to annihilate
and to bury

I will stand then
beyond the edge of time
I will pass to the world of ideas
without dying



KAZIMIERZ BURNAT: Polish Poet, translator, essayist, publisher, journalist, organizer of cultural activities. Author of 21 books of poetry. He translated 5 books from Czech and Ukrainian. He wrote the prologue for 80 books. Translated into 43 languages. Juror of Literary contests. Member of the Bureau of the Polish Writers' Association and Chairman of the Evaluation Committee, the chairman of the Society in Lower Silesia. Member of the Union of Journalists of Poland.

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