Thursday, October 1, 2020



When I Am With You

My dear, when I am with you
The sky becomes honestly of blue
Your amazing brown and long hair
Smells of the beach, smells of fresh air

You are the truth and my art of love
Your smile makes me a star in the sky above
When I see the spell of your brown eyes,
You are the life of every sunrise

I see the reflection of your soul when I'm with you
And I say im my mind that everything is true
I want to stay with you forever
I feel that more than ever

My heart's shining, is a part
From of the light of your heart
For me it is a cure your soul
I feel like we are a whole.

You Are Truly Divine

Sunbeams in your black- blue hair
from your eyes I feel a gentle air
My soul requires your sincere love,
I do not want to be like a mourning dove
You remain with me, you're truly divine
your aromatic lips are like a red wine
In you lives an angel what's coming in my dreams
at least the traces left on my soul like that seems.

Your Love Will Be Reborn

As from wind waves will be born
on the endless blue ocean another star
so your love for me will be reborn
and you will come to me from afar
As summer caresses us with rays every day
in our hearts shines of hope are
so your soul will stay with me in a way
to be just you and me it's not bizarre.

Your Love

Your love is the light of the morning
the birds sing it when the sun is shining
I see from your shoulders butterflies flying
what carry your amazing smile everywhere
And I hear your warm voice through the air
when of the wing your love bears my care
And your words lift my soul again
as the sun shines after the rain.

And Though

And though,
my words endless
it has taken over your soul,
under the color of infinite night
And though,
you don't say anything, why?
I don't want a memory yet
forgotten in a drawer,
I want you to hug my heart
with your wandering soul
And though,
I will hope in silence as one day,
from your eyes bright as citrine,
you will give me a smile
that they will also be envious stars
Beauty as lotus flowers what swings harmoniously,
maybe your voice,
through my veins will bathe.


TEODOR IONESCU: Born January 11, 1977, in a city with a splendid history and a specific color only here in the realms of the seven hills. It is about the beautiful Tulcea city in Romania.Teodor Ionescu is an ordinary man who laughs and cries like everyone else. Passion for poetry came from or sensitive soul and the music he listens to.Poetry, the author believes, heals. How? Simple. Caveys emotion, feelings and sensitizes that part of us which is less sensitive. The author published in two anthologies "Friendship Anthology vol.4", respectively in a Anthology "Dream with the Nichita".

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