Thursday, October 1, 2020



With The Whole Time I Speak To You

There is a time when I grow distant from everything,
when after the deepest sigh
I wait for you to show up from nowhere,
and I try
to pull out a moment with only one word,
and I asked the moment to pull out an hour for me,
the hour – a day,
the day – a day from tomorrow and the day after tomorrow
all days – whole time,
and I wonder
will you ever feel the whole time
with whom I am speaking to you
while you are standing timeless –
with one of your palms all in blossom
like the most tender flower
on the cactus of my patience –
and with a handkerchief full of goodbyes
in the other one,
so you could live everywhere with my distances,
some place where our souls
are comforting each other
in their unbreakable balance
and reconciliation in only one word,
with which we become timeless,
a word in which to believe in
is the same as to love.

Chain Of Sand

I was knitting a chain of sand
from the shore to you
and I was waiting
for the sea to pull in my chain
how many rings of moons
I have forged for you
in a chain of tides
one day as endless dream dreamt by the night,
will you pull out a ring for me
from the chain of breathing
and when you will raise a wave
taller than the wind
and when I will be pulled in by the strength
with which you have created the life
be the ring
that I miss for at least a moment, my love
and see how everything begins again...

A Room Envelope

I take
my double out of my head
and I fold the room in an envelope
I address the letter
to a distant country
and as I’m sending it
I tell it
If someone
reads this sad letter
should be careful
because it could push
this room down the stairs
when like a totally different person
on the end of the worlds
will open
that long expected letter
with words that
from the paper
and white human mountains
leave behind


I have chosen
a street in the fog
that I am on the right address
I lifted
the letter from the threshold
and I left
the door open
through which
mad house
escaped from me again

Fog 2

I have chosen
a street for me in the fog
that took me to the town
I lifted the letter in front of the threshold
I let the wind-up toy
pass through the door
and I
I had firm conviction
that it was the right address


A flock of storks is migrating to south.
The most experienced one is on the forehead of the flock – with the sun, the stars and the magnet fields
he leads the storks to their home.

Since the beginning of time,
God has given us this perfection.
For thousands of years we have been learning how to fly like the birds
so we could fly up in the birds of our longings.

We turn the perfection into weapon,
but we don’t know
whether we will have thousands of years more
so we could learn the perfection of survival.


BORCE PANOV was born on September 27, 1961 in Radovish, The Republic of North Macedonia. He graduated from the ''Sts. Cyril and Methodius'' University of Skopje in Macedonian and South Slavic Languages (1986). He has been a member of the “Macedonian Writers’ Association” since 1998. He has published: a) poetry: “What did Charlie Ch. See from the Back Side of the Screen” (1991), “The Cyclone Eye” (1995), “Stop, Charlie” (2002), “The Tact” (2006), “The Riddle of Glass” (2008), “The Basilica of Writing” (2010), “Mystical Supper” (2012), “Vdah (The Breathe of Life)” (2014), “The Human Silences” (2016), “Uhania” (2017), “Shell” (2018); and several essays and plays: “The Fifth Season of the Year” (2000), “The Doppelgänger Town” (2011), “A Dead-end in the Middle of an Alley” (2002), “Homo Soapiens” (2004), “Catch the Sleep-walker” (2005), “Split from the Nose Down” (2006), and “The Summertime Cinema” (2007). He has also poetry books published in other languages: “Particles of Hematite” (2016 - in Macedonian and Bulgarian), “Vdah” (2017 – in Slovenian), “Balloon Shaving” (2018 – Serbian), and “Fotostiheza” (“Photopoesis, 2019 – Bulgarian). His poetry was published in a number of anthologies, literary magazines and journals both at home and abroad, and his works are translated into English, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, French, Catalonian, Mongolian, Albanian, Romanian, Polish, Chinese, and Danish language.Panov works as the Counselor for Culture and Education at the municipality of Radovish, and he is also Arts Coordinator for the “International Karamanov’s Poetry Festival”, held in Radovish annually. Poetry from Borce Panov translated from Macedonian to English by Daniela Andonovska-Trajkovska:

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