Thursday, October 1, 2020



Beauty Is Truth
Truth Is Beauty

Beauty of a person
Lies in his truthful ways
Truth is bitter first like gooseberries
But it tastes sweet later on
A truthful person is always God's favourite
Never a liar!
You can see the beauty
On the face of a truthful man
His eyes sparkle like stars in the sky
A person who lies hides thousands of lies in his heavy heart making him look ugly and suspecting
A child of God always sticks to truth
The truthful way of living
With celebrations in his life!
Come what may, stick to truth to make you brighter in your life and lighter in your heart!
He walks around at night with a lamp
Of truth as he has none to fear
God is his guardian when he goes
Through the dark valleys protecting
Him from all evils!
A person who lies will never look straight into your eyes as he will be caught through the movement of his pupils!
Sarala Balachandran

Standing At The Doorstep

I am standing at the
doorstep of your heart
with my hands open
and a weeping heart
to receive your sublime love
It's been a while knocking on
Why don't you open the door wide
for me to enter your threshold !
and embrace me close to you tight !
Can't bear this shut door telling
me to go away for ever
It's cutting through my soul
I am only asking for your love
nothing else I yearn for
Come and open the door
and let me look into your
passionate eyes with love
I yearn for nothing more!
©® Sarala Balachandran

A Peaceful World ~~~~

Stop gifting your children
With toy guns
As they slowly but surely
Know how to use the AK47
Later in life
Turn off the tv when terror movies are showing
And physical abuse of women
All these little gestures
Can pave the way to a
Better world for sure
Take the kids out to a nature park instead of letting them be in front of the idiot box and dangerous video games
moulding them to become violent in later life
Help them build a strong bond with family and friends
And enjoy the nature's gift
In abundance from above
Let them get dirty playing in the muddy slush and puddles which does no harm to them, they become nature lovers and will learn to save the beauty of the God given gift, the precious nature!
Keep pets for them to learn how to love animals which helps them to become loving humans!



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