Thursday, October 1, 2020



The Festival

Let me get away from myself,
settle in a book
and underline the important.
Shortcuts are no use.
Give me the deserts,
the wilderness,
the high seas...
To make them green,
to walk over them,
to swim across them!
I cannot do just a little
in emotions.
Either it’s a festival
or it is nothing
Are you sorry too
for all those people
we will never get
to kiss,
to love,
to break?

El festival

Permíteme alejar de mí mismo
para ponerlo en un libro
y centrarse lo importante
abreviaciones no sirven nada.
Dáme desiertos
las praderas
alta mar
para hacerlos verdes,
y nada sobre ellos.
No puedo hacer solo un poco
en la emoción.
O es un festival
o nada
¿Tú también lo sientes
en todas estas personas?
No obtendremos permiso
de un beso
una adoración,
y una refracción.

The Speech Of Love

What we say is what we think.
We should talk when our hearts are full
of love.
A good person is a destination.
If we ever meet that child in ourselves,
we should let him out to play.
Believe each other
like we believe the Sun.
It always keeps its promise
to rise every morning.
Nothing says more about a person
than what the person says about others.
I still believe in words written in pencil,
in apologies, in people changing,
in lasting hugs...
Silence is the hardest language.
But before you open your mouth,
open your heart.
To conceal love-crime and punishment

The Walk

 I go. I breathe.
 The roads bend into a smile,
 the trees get green in the eyes,
 and I inhale the whole mountain.
 I blink to conifers,
 I don’t worry.
 The strings of cobweb
 shining in the sun,
 appear from nowhere
 and block the way,
 invisibly cutting and halving the day.
 A dull thunder from the skies.
 the river wants this way,
 the wind to the other, the skies peek,
 the rain plays its music,
 the branches follow the dance...
 I’m only a passer-by,
 I don’t know what they agreed.
 Where two mountains confront eternally,
 where one breeds the sun,
 and the other gently tucks it under its coat
 -that is where a thought unfrowns the forehead.


BOZICA VELOUSIS is a renowned writer, poet, someone who has been involved in humanitarian work for many years. She is the winner of many prestigious awards both in Serbia and internationally. During the Covid 19 pandemic, she organized and donated to many, such as single parents, socially disadvantaged families, the elderly, hospitals and many others.Goddess Velousis is recognizable to the audience by her novel "It's All Love" as well as the collections of songs "Life is Beautiful" and "I Believe in Love". She gained experience in the field of journalism on the Radio Television of Serbia. Her motto is: Life is beautiful, always a smile on your face.

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