Thursday, October 1, 2020



A Brief Appearance

It wasn't a day
like many
and not even a normal moment
instead it was the sad moment
in which you asked me:
dad, is it true that I'm dying?
I barely held back the tears
drowning them in the pillow
that every day
supported our heads
they always did
I answered you abruptly,
almost annoyed,
it's not true my son,
who told you this
he is a liar and wants
steal your dreams,
the truth is that sometimes God
send angels and give them away
to needy families
some stay that long
to become children
others are just passing through
and return first to the Creator.
And now there have been too many
the gusts of wind
who have invested
this little room
remained empty
causing an echo
deafening, unbearable.
So many grains of dust
that have piled up
on your pillow that every night
embraced your tender nape
as a child he could
discover the world,
that he had to live so long
that you can tell your grandchildren
like a fairytale
before going to sleep.
And now I am left alone with you
this framed photo
that I hold tight to my chest
and that portrays us for the last time
together and happy.
You have a new family
in the sky, with many stars
to be your sisters, so beautiful
to be worthy of the
your beauty and your love.
Like any angel
your appearance
did not last long,
while I, every night,
here, in this house all alone,
I wonder what it could be
the shortest way
to lead me to you.

Live Poetically.

Life is all a poem, the Poet who composed it one day lodges up there in the skies, the moments of existence are like a flow of waters towards the mouth of the sea, the blood traces the direction!
Sometimes we open our eyes but don't see, have we all gone blind? No! Let's not look carefully at the light of the beauty that surrounds us, let's just see everything dark!
Our soul is like a blank sheet, the Creator writes his laws on it with ink so that we no longer lie to ourselves and so that we see the reflections of justice!
Our lives are all lyrics in motion collected in the book of the world which as a title reports: "Life of everyone, existence of nobody's"!
Our eyes are feathers that slide and compose traits and words preserved in the vast encyclopedia of our heart, our speech must always speak of love and passion!

A Shell Raped By The Sea.

With fury and violence, you invest me,
Between slaps of waves
And kicks of waves
You do what you want with me,
While I helpless,
Shaking from the cold,
That only fear can make you feel,
I remain clinging to that rock
Looking for shelter.

Days go by,
The nights go by,
But your hate always invests me
With unprecedented violence.

I cry to my father sun,
I cry to my mother moon,
I cry to my sister stars,
My prayer remains only this:
An inhuman scream and nothing more.

My tears
More salty than the sea I live in,
The soul carried by the wind
That inflates the sails
Of boats of hope,
Too far now to ask for help.

While you with a heart of stone
You insert your metal and your fire
In my flesh,
I bleed to death,
I'm happy to die,
I will wake up and live happy,
You will die damned instead
And away from God!


EMANUELE CILENTI, born in Messina, Italy, in 1981, he is: poet, writer, actor, songwriter, film director. He has published ten books: "A blade of grass that tickles the sky", "Dream journeys of my soul", "I'm just a nightmare", "Violent percussions", "Heavenly whispers", "Infinite petals", " Echoes immortal "," Tears of ink on the face of the heart "," Help! I have two mummies in the house "," That wake of light and beauty ". As a poet and writer he won some poetry premieres in Italy and his poems have been translated into Spanish, English and Romanian.  His poems are present in various anthologies of poets around the world. As a songwriter he wrote the lyrics for two albums of as many emerging artists of the Italian music scene.  Come theater actor since 2007 with several theater companies in Messina. At the cinema he has participated in five Sicilian films independent, playing different comic and dramatic roles. As a video-maker, he has made seven short films entitled: "Beyond the journey", "The death of the puppets", "The molds", "A sea of  T-shirts", “Deadly hypnosis”,  “7 lives ... destroyed”, viewable on his Youtube channel:  https: // www. He has worked as a TV actor for Mediaset (Italian national TV).

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