Thursday, October 1, 2020



The Same Fate

I am asleep
Sharing the same fate as the tree in the garden
On its branches the light sleep of birds
On my branches thoughts the night has bestowed

I wake up
In my dream the hungover cool of rain
Yesterday the sun held its breath
And slept in the shade of my thoughts


I know
There in the dark
A mole is tearing at your heart
As if it were turning the soil upside down
In the sun of the night
Your scarf of flame round your neck
It comes down the road you walk
And like some night bird
I bind myself to pain’s sturdy rope
To bear myself into some riddle
Here, in the dark
I know, the road will warm my bones
Even if it hangs me out like a sheet in the wind.

Your Shadow

You are far away, winter whistling at your window
Through the forest within you the North wind blows

Stone-like you are alone in the dark night
Turning into an image fading from sight

But I am a shooting star lost in space
(like falling hair that leaves not a trace)

I love you, though I am but moss on your shadow
What do I care who once strayed from the right road



METIN CENGIZ: Poet and writer (b. 3 May 1953, Göle-Kars). He wrote particularly on the problems of poetry. His poems are translated into nearly 40 languages and his book has been published in 13 languages. He wrote 18 poetry book and 16 theorical and essay books. He has received numerous awards in his country and other countries.

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