Thursday, October 1, 2020



Please Explain

Whatever is so compelling
so magnifying
so luring
like honey and bee
egging me on
to do this, or that
to shape and form images
from the secret vaults
of my mind
is beyond
architecture of my dreams.
Sometimes I sing
sometimes I dance
cry, laugh,
catapult in fear
over a pandemic curse
going far away, somewhere
away from my destiny
no dharma, no karma
seeing yesterday
slithering in an ophidian dream
and I hide
deep in my heart
in a cocktail of time
stirring ambience in my soul
what is happening to me
will you …please explain?

Horse Race

Neighing gleefully
gazing at the track and field
my jockey salutes!

An Evening In Adelphi

(Homestead in Berbice, Guyana)
I feel deep-rooted longing
an urge for my mind
to travel
back in time
in my coastland homestead
in grandma’s cake shop
I don’t have any idea
why it wants to go there
and for what joy
or sorrow, bitterness, or anger
in aggregate or fragmented recall
I have to be there
in unwavering stubbornness
scenting sugar cane
climbing white-man’s punt
drifting in canal
so anecdotal this recovery of life
lighting fire on alligator’s tail
on the red-brick street
but my mind desires
to make one final voyage
like a millennium Columbus
to be there like an indelible scar
serving cane-cutters mauby drink
tasty fried-fish and bread
speaking to the butcher-shop
with carcasses of cows (and donkeys, too)
or chasing stray dogs
in quest for food
like villagers do
and as the evening sun wanes
village workers visit
grandma’s cake shop
playing domino games
drink beers
enjoying their evening
my Adelphi homestead.


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