Tuesday, September 1, 2015




Though my flesh is buried in the ground
I never put away my sadness
Since the victims had been suffered a lot
Because of the bullets were aimed to shoot
If not the death body would not be put into the silent land
What to do?
The cruelty had been spread away on the earth
While moon would not give smile
Many children asked questions
"Why should this world be so cruel?"
"Why should they have to kill us?"
One of them said "We were innocent and had a right to get lives"
I my self had no comment
For the demand be addressed at
But no one who listened and cared for
Just to stand up without giving right hand
Humanity became more less and less
If the peace would come to fetch
The holy soul would not be going in the sky
The death body would not be sleeping on the ground
No words of poems could not be solved
If the deep heart was full of mercy
The harmony becomes fresh day by day
That's that the hope for the next
While young generations imagined so
And the lives becomes to grow like the heavy leaves in the trees
So and so as to be...
No war again to damage like an evil
The lands become fertilized year by year
And the plants become growing a lot to survive
Because no disturbance of each
And the sand would not be hot to stand for
The water could make more fresh
And said "Congratulation on having peace"
Reconciliation at the end be submitted to state

Siamir Marulafau

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