Tuesday, September 1, 2015




Somewhere under these vibrant stars the angel dreams
And waits for the answer to the echoes of her heart's tune
She knows that the chances may be slim but hope remains
That her true love resides tonight just waiting for a blue moon
Look to her when starshine kisses the twilight sky
For she will be lost in flight somewhere on angel's wings
She waits patiently for what may never come to be
Yet in the silence still you can hear the song she sings
Mayhaps if given the chance she would trade it all
Give up every moment spent lost in wonderous flight
For but one chance to touch the heart of another soul
Who will pull her close when darkness falls and hold her tight
What a treasure has been the gift of freedoms grace
Yet what a solitary journey for even an angels heart to bear
Show her that dreams can come true even for one lost
Just call her name in wild abandon and she will find you there-

Julie Kops

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