Tuesday, September 1, 2015




Take me there
Even when I am blind to see, this sea.
This cool breezy wind that blows
And this grassy flowers that grows
Will surely inspire me to write you a poem.
Oh this garden of love
Like the length of the nile it stretches
With divers trees, a shade over me
What could possibly be my worries?
Birds whistling the bluesy feeling
Ready to paint with me great words for great minds.
Twice have I heard
And to many more my ears
The sweet songs of poetry from this garden of inner satisfaction.
Oh, see the waters flow
A sea of knowledge to know
How they inspire me to write the pictures of time
With my muse, my wings to fly.
Take me not away from here
Even when my hours are far spent
This length of time is to my pen on paper
My sacred moments, holier than any sin seen
If you should take me away
From this rock upon which I sit
I will surely die in pains
In an unmarked grave
Never to see me again.

Godson Osarenren

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