Tuesday, May 1, 2018




I put on for you a tunica molesta
because you want a performance of my vanishing*

The fire would melt out youthful clear eyes,
creases of my essence, into shimmering powder

There would boil a voluminous blood till vaporise
and be silenced woman's heart and body

As you cheerfully watch a blazing dress
you celebrate yet another futile victory

Because in the climax of the piece "Mala fide"
through your look, you will breath out the stench

Remain miserable in the evil solitude,
wallow in the mixture of the sludge and soot.


In the public square
silent, riveted by pain
divided by wind,
mindless, without love constantly,
I’m looking for you everywhere.
Stone girl
won’t give a birth or suckle,
built by waiting and fear,
broken in pieces.
Unknown faces
taking out the body from evanescence,
my frozen eyes, scratching the ice
looking for its image.
There’s no even the moon,
faithful friend,
to approach
and blow little dream for me
to forget the emptiness


They’re following me.
Behind smoky and sooty curtains.
twitched by the truth.
Split by the collapses.
They lost its meaning by wrong givings.
By oblivions
and murdered wishes for the dawns
I’m hiding well
unsuccesseful attempts.
Fraught and insecure
like a turtle on the ice.
I’m giving myself to my own humiliation.


Come out from me, just like the foam
of the cherry brew.
In the square, in front of the horseman
I will come on my knees and pray for
I have no more strength for the iron balls,
collected in the hurry for its own self,
gliding under the linen, within the breasts,
and filling me in a shameless way.
I have no strength for the sharp rocks,
blades of the milkless breasts,
I’ll drop mass of pale blood
without being able to talk about it.


could you alone and split watch the rain
watch the reflection of the faces
framed on the window at the dawn

and the lovers expect you to be the firefly

could you keep being the prey forever
on the way from the ecstasy to the prey
since the adventage stays at home

could you watch their nests
steal long afternoon hours
eat alone the feast cake

carry the pang and the fear of loneliness
to please your man in routine
waiting for the dawn in the fear of loneliness

could you stay barren every time
when you take their sperm
when you hear their screams of pleasure forever barren

to believe in yourself and be free
although having hands darker then the smut
it is not easy to believe in yourself

the freedom is when you walk, but not hurrying
when you fill yourself with the emptiness of waiting
and foster the future within yourself

the beduins won't inhabit your desert
if you can't live alone
you won't be able to live with them either in the desert


JASMINA  HANJALIC. Born in 1963 in Pec; Primary school, High school and Faculty of Medicine graduated in Sarajevo, where she lives and works as medical doctor. Writes  poetry, short storyes and reviews. Published works: 1, Poems collection: All in one, one in all (VAT, 2011) 2, TURNED INTO THE STONE (ZALIHICA, 2013) 3, Stories in white (Dobra knjiga, 2014) 4 „” Dismissed the ostrich and other birds (Planjax, 2017). Prizes: 1. The prize from Foundation of Literature Sarajevo for 2013.) 2.  The prize Anka Topic 2014 3.“Creativity prize  fondation Naji Naaman, Libanon 2014. 4. The Third prize in the competition BNVD for the poem dedicated to the genocide in Srebrenica, 2015. 5. The First prize for poem on festival The flower of Ukrina Prljaca 2016 6. The First prize for poem on festival  Grah za ILIJU LADINA 2015. 7. The first prize Goran Bujic  from Croatian writers association for 2016. 8. The second prize for story Marko Martinovic car 2017.

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