Tuesday, May 1, 2018



Cav Silvano Bortolazzi

Olympics Sestriere recalls winner with piety ....

Merit Honor, gentleman from Genova,
brought light to the world stars,
intellectual circles, nominated for Nobel ,
pours all his energy to the letters in literature.

The World Man, has no prejudices,
symbol of goodness, hope and poetry,
Viareggio shakes, Captain sails the seas,
Moscow shines under Bortolazzi verses. ....

Permanently, unyielding in front of knowledge,
Steps towards, deserved Cavalry,
will be inscribed in golden letters ,
achievements of the First President of the World Poets.

Power that also defeats the sea waves
leading letters against the storm of injustice,
timeless warfare makes to gather feathers
WUP today, lying is beyond the world's borders ...


Time is, I am afraid of,
most probably, I will be harshly punished ,
perhaps it will tantalize me,
continuously, wants me to leave.

I am not a man, with verses feelings ,
neither sonnets of beauty,
at me, live more monsters,
have arrested me, I '' best '' of greedy.

Paperwork is,
behold, there on the table stands,
clean, written on parchment ,
It causes consciousness pain.

Threatened I am,
tomorrow , conditions me,
crown of hysteria with many traces,
who knows, maybe has anathematized my being !

You, says you are cheated,
addicted by the taste of wealth,
your insensitivity skin,
have been sold, to night devils.

Waves of life, call me,
secretly to leave away to the darkness,

wealth, must give to needy ,
in morning full moon , to ask mercy.

In the room, there they are, children, family, me,
have value, rather than gold, money value papers,
my chest faced drama, I put away wealth,
to needy, orphans, unknown friends.

I fell on my knees, I wish to forgive me, Great God,
I have sinned please forgive me, tears raids,
these are the words of sincere penitent,
please do not turn me, I'm Your creature.

-I increased white veil , deeply have contrite -

Blessed day, brought spiritual relief,
in me, the living dream,
is planted kindly, in my heavenly body,
for the first time, feelings migrate happy.

Creature I am, in Alighieri’s purgatory,
One more step, walking towards unending light,
I hope, ask for forgiveness,pray, repent,
Almighty will lead me from Purgatory to Divine highness,
will meet the light arms of the angels,
the place of eternity, is built in paradise.


To write, I have very hard,
I do cower , miss the tears,
life is dried, friendship suppressed,
believe me, in conscience I feel violated,

I see them every day , downrown are,
shy, lying on the street, wandering,
boy without reaching eight, bread requires,
today in the rain, he has to eat.

I nipped my lips , offered helping hand,
looks at me, I see he is confused,
my soft voice invites, come come with me,
hungry you are, right? Come to our eating house.

Stabbed me in the spirit, his feared look,
careful he is, eyes are watery,
I do not know, due to fog or rain, shakes ,
crunches the mucus, has accepted the invitation.

Give courage, do not fear, I will fed you!
feel you will, the world of full stomach people ,
then we’ll go, to clothing store at the corner,
winter is near, you need to be warm.

Waving voice ,father is gone, never I have seen him,
mother passed away, several years ago,

sister, at plane tree, fire has kindled,
we live together in the attic, in a room there.

Go on, take your sister, come to the dress shop,
is time for boots, it’s getting cold,
then we’ll go to nearby restaurant,
blood must be fed , you need care.

By far, numerous sneezing are heard,
young lady before reaching ten,
justice! I would like my eyes to be blind;
hope never to see again, this horrible scene!


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