Tuesday, May 1, 2018




Tiny is the hole,
but great view
it generates,
small is the
penetrating light,
amazing is accompanied

By window side,
I stand to watch
the world,
many are the surprises,
shocking are things seen,
bombshell trail mankind
daily activity.

At window side,
I see the good and
the bad,
I see daily cries from
orphans and widows;
I watch how justice
is served,
poor denied justice,
rich go home happily.

I watch how greedy
rule over righteous,
how wickedness
continues to grow,
good retarded and

At my window side,
I watch all dirty deals,
clothed in immaculate
white, and
innocent blood shed,
for gold and silver.

I watch how wars
are planned and
executed great and
I watch how fellow
humans are sold
into slavery,
girls sold into

I watch how corruption
reign supreme in politics,
religion, and commerce,
I watch how leaders sow
seeds of discord,
create division to hold on
to power.

I watch how morality
continues to tumble,
decency, decorum, and
good manners sold for
mere pot of soup.

I watch how mothers,
wives sell sex for money
men leave home for
lover girls.

I watch how children
get lost in wilderness
nick-named earth-
human civilization in
reverse form,
watching hate replacing
wickedness takes place
of kindness,
help removes from
mankind’s lexicon.

I cry alone,
I wail alone,
I weep as mankind
grope in darkness
called modernity.

If I close window
draws the curtains
turns off fluorescent
not to have
cut off from outside
to become a hermit,
who obliterates mind’s
retained information?

No one,
yes-no one-
not even the angels,
at my window…
I cry for the world.


Sins in me are
many and varied,
from venial to mortal,
faults in me are plentiful,
from visible to invisible;
degree of my errors
ranges from don’t tell or
it does not matter to
“confess your sins
before the throne of
living God.”

Evils in me-
society easily activate,
shortcomings in me,
neighborhood always
turbocharge to give ways
to temporary enjoyment;
personality flaws,
precinct continuously
cold-cocked and assaulted.

Weaknesses in me
society fully understands,
my DNA mankind has
unraveled for selfish gains;
remotely humankind use
failings and imperfection
in me,
for commercial activities of
demand and supply.

Urge to commit sins
society repeatedly lay
before me every time,
desire to love mundane-
society throws at me,
greed-intense and selfish
desire for everything-
peer cultivates in me;
immediate gravitations
my eyes always covet,
even when spirit resist,
body succumbs.

My eyes-society has trained-
to love gula or gluttony,
luxuria-lust and fornication-
society makes less sinful and
evil through lewd
entertainment and
indecent advertisements.

Avaritia or greed-
commercial world
keeps promoting as
only ticket to success.

Superbia-pride and hubris-
mankind associate with
tristitia, wrath, vanagloria, and
acedia or sloth-all princes of
society inculcation into
my heart without resistance.

Who delivers my soul
from nether world?
who saves my soul from
Hades or Gehenna?
Church has failed me,
religion offers no relief,
pastors and imams are

Society-presents no hope,
politicians-agents of darkness-
falsely selling gloom as light
to people,
intellectuals-their light
has gone dim,
cerebral has gone syncope,
commercial world and
big business have become
brotherhood of evil.

Any hope to save my soul.
I doubt it,
any means to save this
I don’t think so,
any way to save the
I don’t rightly know,
I don’t suppose.

May these SINS
never led me to


Man’s act of inhumanity to
fellow seems endless,
evil man keep pursuing
from sunrise to sunset,
“I shall make him cry”-
goal many people seek
all day long;
anguish and sorrow meals
man prepare and sell in
market place.

War driven by profit,
rich creates and prosecutes,
market created diseases
for economic gain,
campaign items 
for politicians and
products scientists

Weapons of terror,
business without
keep producing,
swords of chaos-
merchants of death-
sell to armies on
both sides.

Hate messages
world religions
have changed to
tenets to cause ethno-religious
religions advertise daily.

Xenophobic messages
nations now rebrand
as patriotic call to
creating tension among
citizens, residents, and

Racial superiority
multi-national media
continue to promote,
politics and policies of
powerful nations
toward “We” and

Every day innocent souls
turned orphans in
only homelands
they know, and
become widows
through wars
never caused by them.

Greed from world superclass-
continues to shrink
humankind economic power
and base,
turning half of world’s 
population to mere slaves,
potential threat to homes and
danger to human security and
his tomorrow.

Who will save humankind?
Will politicians help?
Will world religions
provide succor?
Will big business
allay the fear?
Only time will tell.


Even if it rains,
I will smile,
never shall sweltering
take away smile on
my face.

I will smile in
I will smile in
the light,
I will smile in cold,
hot, and inclement
smile-I will have-
on rough road of life.

Little though-I may have-
I will share and smile,
I will smile in my worries,
under tension and in pain,
I will smile.

I will smile,
even if life disappoints
when I make mistake-
lips won’t go on vacation,
when betrayed by friends
and siblings,
when hurt by trusted soul,
I will smile.

On divan bed,
I will smile,
when night is long and
day covered by thick
still I will smile.

In solitary confinement,
I will smile,
in deep, in height,
on mountain peak and
by cliff edge,
I will smile.

Am I hungry,
thirsty, and
Still-I will smile;
am I down with
I will smile.

I will smile unceasingly,
because I have reasons
to do so…


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