Tuesday, May 1, 2018




Compassion is a precious
Is like to keep fruits in the ice box
It brings peace
For the improvement of lives

Keep compassion in lives
As if to plant the seeds
And it might bring a good for futurity in lives
Since compassion needs friendship

That is a right momentum for a while
For improving solidarity
Which should be found wherever you live in
Keep compassion in lives
So as to be a right impression in the lives
As long as this world belongs to us

And say that compassion is true
Which be used to find out
As like the daffodils blooming under the trees
To make life be more peaceful
That's compassion be there to gaze


siamir marulafau
It is a nice season
To make life be bright
It is a gold season for all the flowers
Be kept in life as long as no wind to damage
Spring is a natural gift
To thank to Almighty
For the fresh of season be touched in heart
To show how great fresh of love
That should be felt for blooming
To the trees be bloomed
That is the season to be beautiful
As like paradise in the lives
Keep the spring in the lives
To bring a heaven before to sleep
That the aim of living in unverse
So as to make more life be in peace


The feeling of appreciation never be satisfied
Since never the very same feeling and thought
That the world of appreciation is a golden word
To keep in mind be as a note

Since appreciation comes up from different ideas
Man might not have a strong argument to argue
To bring a quarrel some for among
And caused the human relation be broken into piece

Try to show good dedication to interpret
So as to evaluate the best in the forum
That brings a fresh argument at the end
Before closing what discussion is being conducted

Let the appreciation be like flowers blooming
That all the seasons will be smiling to accept
Who is who at the next?
That’s  the brilliant speaker of an appreciation

To accept or no is a golden idea
That no body is complete in a conducting
For an error is a nature for man
To forgive is a divine for human love


I burst out of not laughing
It reminds me not to be a worst
Since life is a part of arts
Appreciation of lives will be there
If there is no terrorism
It breaks down self -confidence
For this world is precious
Let's see what is going on
And let them speak as what they like
As long as this world be in peace
If not, life will be in chaotic
That solidarity needs to be
Humanity is the golden daffodil
For the sake of survival
That this world be united at all
Let them speak as what they like
As long as they can keep literacy
To bring man into peace
Towards literary works created
It is true what is said
That technology is the soul of improvement
Let them do as what they like
As long as there is no a damage
Since life be once comes up for speaking
To avoid misunderstanding
Mutual understanding is the pearl for lives
To rebuild the traditional to contemporer
That the festival has an eye to explore
From this time up to the next


Are you in the love?
My love is not like what you think
I dare say it is like a blooming daffodil,
seen as i gazed in the spring
Wherever i go the love never fades away
For I see the love you keep in heart is not like before
It almost runs away as fast as a train
To catch the fresh wind near by
I become disappointed for waiting and waiting
Since no news ,even a single word uttered from
Then thy heart comes up to fetch
Where are you now, my dear?
Let the sea dry,,,,,up to die
Let the mountains are broken into pieces
No heart of mine be transferred
That the beautiful rose is really on my head
Since your love is the fuel of thy heart
Never be thrown away
That every second I wished you were here
My eyes never stop to flirt with
That your love a part of thy flesh
As long as thy breath flew away
Never,,,,never I stop to touch in heart
Till this world be spoiled and broken into pieces


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