Tuesday, May 1, 2018




A gust of wind and rumors
Hue harmonic perfumes,
Vetiver, coriander, kahve and saffron,
Crumbling the twilight dust.
Silence singing words
Bursting up
Depths of the sky.

My body invokes you
Under the Ankara fresh rain,
Fertile crescent
The spell of my lips;
Liquid light
Of shooting stars.
Horizontal waves
Moistens my edges
In the steppe plains
Of your gardens.

Even the moon is singing
Although no one notices it!

Dressed up in rainfalls
And kissing roots,
Sound waterfalls
Polishing stones
Upon your rivers’ wings.
Holding hands,
Piercing idyllic forests,
Dates and prunes
Are seeded wild,
Like impregnated
Fire water drops
On the green breeze
Of your gaze.

Undamaged yearnings
the absence or presence
Of your breath.
Fragrant essence
Evokes the moss dance
In Turkish oak timbers.

Chimerical magma
Rises and falls,
The ottoman honeysuckle
Of your luminous pores
Opened up
To the furtive wrap
Of my nights.
©Alicia Minjarez Ramírez
Translated by:  Alaric Gutiérrez.


I want to lay in you…
As if in you
I could possess
All the seven skies!

As if in you,
Gloom and eternity
Were bringing together
The unison of the zephyr,
Inhaling you silently.

I want to lay in you…
On the warm sand
Of your chest;
In the kiss that fuses
The sea
With the universe
Between its hands.
Because only you
Are my horizon!
And I will be
Your destination.
©Alicia Minjarez Ramírez
To: Monsif Beroual… with all my love.


Each sparkle has a distant and severe air.
Dusty breeze undoing
selfless prejudices,
diaphanous sky
of faraway shores.
Untellable words!
Sweet craving that leads
and mitigates nostalgia,
Drunkenness of the moment
impossible fight
bold and incandescent soul.
Every sound is a wonderful caress
momentum, track and halo of a transient light.

Each sparkle has a distant and severe air.
I understand the instant is non-existing matter.
Burns like a wound inscribed within our consciousness,
affliction goes away.
Full delight of interrogations and absences,
depths and appearances;
defining the earthly paradise hell
of my own communion.

Each sparkle has a distant and severe air.
I learn to live
in the branches of a secret dream,
of a fiery shade,
in the shortened line
of abysmal dementia.
Choleric air of ephemeral tears
Shake up my roots.
Lewd whisper
born from the body,
proclaiming the cavity
of long gone solitudes.
Translated by: Alaric Gutiérrez


ALICIA  MINJAREZ  RAMÍREZ Poet, Translator,  Singer, University Professor,  Broadcast locution Radio and T.V. She was born in Tijuana, Mexico. She is an internationally renowned poetess and author who has won numerous awards including the EASAL medal by the European Academy of Sciences and Letters 2018 at Paris, France. Awarded "Pride of the Globe" WNWU, Kazakhstan 2018; Awarded "Universal Inspirational Poet", Pentasi B. World, India 2017; Winner of a special mention and a medal in the International Poetry Prize NOSSIDE Italy 2015, recognized by UNESCO.  Awarded with the IWA BOGDANI Albania Award, 2016. Awarded with the Third Place in French Poetry in the International Poetry Prize ‘Sous les traces de Léopold Sédar Senghor” at Milan, Italy, 2016 recognized by ONU and UNESCO.  Winner of a mention in the NOSSIDE Poetry Prize, Italy 2016. Awarded "Universal Inspirational Poet" Pentasi B. World, Africa, Ghana 2016. She was considered among the International Poets published  on the XXI Century World Literature Book released at New Delhi, India, 2016.  Her poems have been translated into: English, Albanian, French, Cameroonian, Arabic, Azerbaijan, Turkish, Chinese, Taiwanese, Portuguese, Polish and  Italian. And published in more than 50 International Anthologies, journals and magazines around the world.

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