Sunday, November 1, 2015




I have never put off my eyes
When i was born...
My eyes seemed to have complex
Though my eyes are not clear as before
But the eyes have been widely seeing
...what to see
Not to conceal everything he sees
But the eyes are sharper to compare
Wherever i go the eyes use to follow
As far as i can see
But not depend on what object of thing
Seemed to be well used for clearing
The only thing to be worried is that :
If the eyes are not as sharper as the thought
It would be blind
No able to differentiate one with another
No connection with the heart to steer
If the eyes are full of blind
Though seemed not to be bright to see
But, the eyes of heart really have aims
Everything will be all right
if the eyes can be a lighting
Whenever i go
Whenever i identify
Creatures are supplied by eyes so as to say

Siamir Marulafau

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