Sunday, November 1, 2015


Your excellence, Mrs Reality, trained to swallow knives and forks,
Strange money-powered creature, elected only by cameramen force.

Is it myth, you swallow polluted lakes, mountains and oil leaks ?
Do you swallow melting icebergs and toxic rubbish tips ?
What unusual forces drove you to employ such a skill ?
Do you swallow the sky and create the ozone hole ?
Do you split the bottom of oceans, creating islands as a mole ?
Do you swallow planets of political nonsense, the toxicity of banks ?
Do you built superstar images, universal dictators to control the crowds ?

Do you swallow the goodness of people, or only their stupidity ?
Do you allow strange attitudes, dominant theories against poor people?
Do you swallow human forces larking to destroy the Earth ?
Do you allow wars like unhappiness, arms sales to attack yourself?
But, yes, no, maybe. Sure, I will never allow you, I’ll fight you forcibly,
If anyone attacks our life, what is left for our Hope.
© Roula Pollard

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