Sunday, November 1, 2015


Sheena M. Annis

Just as a butterfly, I have
gone through the transformations
of my life.
Always taking a moment to look
around me, to show appreciation
for nature and nurture.
It has been awhile since I have been
nurtured but still, every day is a new
I am hopeful someday that I will have
someone by my side as I go through
the next transformation in my life.
Even if I remain alone, I will cherish
each day. Like watching my children
grow and now watching theirs growing
as well.
So many may have lost hope but I still
swear that there is always a light in
the tunnel.
Close your eyes for a moment, breathe
in, counting the breaths that you make.
Just sit and let your mind relax.
Their is always a loved one with you,
although you may not see them. they
are right there beside you.
They will hug you as you cry, patting
your back, doing their best to encourage
I know that times are tough but you can
do it, I know you can. Some days may be
harder than other's but someday you will
look back and be grateful that you did.

Sheena M. Annis

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