Sunday, November 1, 2015




Is there any revolutionist out there who can spill some write;
Step on my shoulders and take a flight;
Take it to heavens above & initiate this fight;
Or write something for me that takes me high;
I'm not talking about feet and inches, I'm talking about the sky;
That can give me wings so that I can fly;
So this plea knocks at the doors of firmament;
And somehow it finds a way to spit all its vent;
Write something which can argue with the heavens to plea our case;
May extract from heavens the last scribble containing humanity trace;
There might be some other product available there,other than sorrow;
Might be some happiness there, which we can borrow;
There still might be some left over traces of humanity available;
To present there as an evidence, lets hope the case is still bailable;
Write something that will awake this youth;
& somehow distract them from their smartphone's booth;
I'm not talking about their inner spirituality;
I'm asking for much less, just some pain for humanity;
Just something beyond our fake cloaks of vanity;
Running out of time!!!
You have no idea how much is at stake;
Must write something that even skies will shake;
Lets make a last try for our piece of land that has already been god forsaken;
To redeem something that belonged to humans that has for long been taken;
We all might be asleep, but last hope is this pen, which has for long been awaken;
I can feel the ink inside trembling, that has for long been shaken;
So i'm gonna keep on trying unless I get the perfect masterpiece till my demise;
& someday you'll admit Rumi was twice and this guy was thrice the wise;
Or may be the answer is not up in the skies;
May be its in the mirror, we just have to look in the eyes;
May be the answer lies somewhere deep down;
May be we lost everything here that once used to be humans town.
Umer Qureshi

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