Sunday, November 1, 2015


Silas abayomi


When I remember those
painful nine months journey-
discomforts of those
three hundred days-
when I recall several hours
in labor room-the house-of-
when I look at the
I ask: should parents lose a child?

Whenever I remember the
immeasurable labor of
day and night,
endless toiling-in the winter,
summer, autumn, and spring-
incalculable daily-child-care
between home front and secular job;
whenever I recall all those
formative years' infinite
assignment of parenting,
when I recall early lessons and
instructions of life,
I ask again:
should parents lose this child?

Whenever I recall the
first day at school-
the joy on parents’ faces,
which later turns to cry
as they leave their child in
a trusted hand-first time and
the baby replies with a cry:
I ask:
should parents lose this gem?
In no time, Pre-K schooling ends,
Kindergarten schooling follows,
like a streak of lightning-
Elementary school journey
is completed.

I remember immense investment-
all the schools’ supplies,
all home works done-night and day-
I remember all the schools’ projects-
books, journals, magazines read,
libraries, and thousands of websites

Finally, the day arrives-
Elementary school journey
is over-
transition to middle school begins;
I remember those three hard years-
as school works become
more challenging.

Language Arts replaces simple
English lessons,
algebra, chemistry, biology,
citizenship studies, history,
government operations at all levels
become subjects of study;
once again, I ask:
should we waste this
unquantifiable investment?

In no time,
another three years rolled by-
like a flash of thunder-
yesterday toddler is now a
senior high.
I remember the community-
service of a good citizenship-
volunteer services
to immediate neighborhood.

Hurray! Graduation and Proms-
are here-
as a wonderful future lie ahead-
madly, I ask: should we lose this
future prospect to shooting?
Investments are heavy,
pains are much,
emotional scars remain eternally.

Stop Shooting! Stop Shooting!!
Again, I say: stop shooting.
Let our children live,
let our future live,
let tomorrow’s scientists, astronauts
doctors, inventors, managers, and
Silas Abayomi

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