Sunday, November 1, 2015



You were the queen of respect
Which others tried to copy
The most mannered and cultured lady in all aspect
Yet after our marriage
Those respect have vanished
And proudness like a lion is your meal
Those manners are things of the past
Like an untamed horse, you insult your inlaws without shame
My lady of honor, what went wrong?
You were pampering me like a child
Your caring heart for me was what womanhood yearned for
Yet after our marriage,
You drag me on stones
Like a troublesome goat to an abattoir
Your caring heart seems to have been replaced
With that of an angry devil
My noble gentleman, what went wrong?
You were the smilest lady on earth
The paragon of neatness which others trod its path
Yet after our marriage,
Those smiles have vanished
And I only see dark clouds in your face
Those neatness are now a step below that of a pig
My lady of honor, what went wrong?
You were the monogamous man Who knew only me as your wife
You were the man of patience
That walked slowly to anger like snail
Yet after our marriage,
You change girls more than changing your boxers
Like a pregnant woman your hot temper can cook a plantain
In any erruption of disagreement between us
My noble gentleman, what went wrong?
What really went wrong in this relationship?
Have the charcoal forgotten that its complexion will definately change after embracing the fire?
Haven't you realise you new attitude will end this marriage?
For how long will the hen forget the hawk after been drunk?
Wake up from your slumber
Return to the sweet and better
Attitudinal days my brother and sister.

Agustine Oppong Yeboah

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