Monday, June 1, 2015



I am a pilgrim on a mission's journey
   my life is an open book to everyone I meet
       the end I still can't see for my tavern
            is hidden in a deserted place only embedded in my mystic dreams.

From each road I traversed on
   I met extraordinary people from an ordinary world we inhabit
     a vagabond touched my life with his stories of life's bitter-sweet scenes
         a lonely soul pierced my heart for the longing to find himself
             in a whirlwind of maze-like obscurities on his every path....

The question is always the same, "where is my place in this world?"
    where can I finally find myself for I have been lost a dozen of lifetimes before
       with the cyclical reincarnation of my perturbed soul
          Can you please tell me where is my true home?


                Your true home is a place where your dreams turn into reality
                Where heaven and earth meet at the far, distant horizon
                When you follow the voice of the Almighty
                He can show you the way with each of your life's journey.
                You will never be lost again on a road less traveled
                For when realization sets in, you'll just keep on rememberin'
                He was the One who has been there for you
                Your fears and doubts will leave the fortress of your heart
                If only you know the one who you can turn to.

People come, people go as you journey in life, it's inevitable sometimes one has to go
       Just like the changing seasons, each person can enter your life and take you to another realm
          Spring showers you with beauteous blossoms and Fall lets leaves kiss the ground
             what matters is in every chance encounter, your life made a turn-around...

In your journey through life as you meet different people along your path
        You can either teach them and touch their lives like no one ever did before
               Or you could be the one to learn lessons that will be left embedded in your heart
                  But goodbye is inevitable like the chapters of a book, the time comes when things have to end...


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