Monday, June 1, 2015



From the Queen of Hearts' Collection:
I'll watch over you as you watched over me.
Oh my Mother,
Don't think I can't see how tired you are,
Don't think I can't see the pain in your eye,
You hide it but it shines like the brightest star,
When you think I am asleep, I hear you sigh.

Oh my Mother,
You'd be upset if you knew that I feel so guilty,
For every night I deprived you of sleep,
For every time you fought to give me dignity,
I can't tell you but deep inside, for you I weep.

Oh my mother,
Your love has carried me through the years when
Everyone had given up on me but you never gave up,
You urged me to fight, you said you shared my pain,
You said: ''Hey baby, you and I, we'll show the world up!''

Oh my Mother,
I saw when you let your friends go because of me.
When I was small, it was ok, but as I grew up they
Didn't see me as a person, they wouldn't look at me,
You said, ''don't care, you are worth every one of them.''

Oh my Mother,
I know every day you worry that if you go before me,
Who will take care of me, who will love me the way you do.
Will they sacrifice their all like you did, for the love of me,
For every second I lay motionless in my bed, I love you.

Oh my Mother,
You never see my disabilities, for you I am just wonderful,
Day after day you give me comfort through your presence
I will repay you, Oh my Mother, for a love so beautiful,
I'll always watch over you when I am gone to Heavens.


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