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Extending The Space


The city has a lot of new facets.

I change offices and transport.

No, I don't rush around the outskirts –

This is how I expand the space.


Ups and downs, strangeness –

Try to figure it out!

Well, if I go to extremes –

This is how I expand the space.


And deadlines will come,

You will not have strengths and passions –

I will live the verse, I will finish the game,

And just will expand the space...


Раздвигая Пространство


А город – всё новыми гранями.

Меняю конторы и транспорт.

Нет, я не мечусь по окраинам –

Я так раздвигаю пространство.


Падения, взлёты и странности –

Попробуй-ка разобраться!

Что ж, если впадаю в крайности, –

Я так раздвигаю пространство.


А сроки подступят крайние,

Закончатся силы и страсти, –

Строку доживу, доиграю я

И просто раздвину пространство...


* * *

What will outweigh? No or yes?

Life's temper or mine?

The reason for the song is love and trouble.

Everything else is the norm.


* * *

Что перевесит?  Нет или да?

Мой или жизни норов?

Повод для песни – любовь и беда.

Всё остальное – норма.

* * *

Listen to the silence, don't scream.

I got the main thing not by hearing.

We don't need a reason for hatred,

It's enough an absence of love.


* * *

Молчание послушай, не кричи.

Я главное не слухом уловила.

Для ненависти не нужны причины –

Достаточно отсутствия любви.


* * *

– Wow! Congratulations!

Will you give me?

– Ok.

– There are happy people in the world!..


                  Doesn't know that books –

                  And who is responsible here? –

                  Come to us with a light of

                  An extinct star...


* * *

– Ого! Поздравляю!


– Лады.

– Бывают счастливые люди на свете!..


                 Не знает, что книги –

                 И кто здесь в ответе?! –

                 Приходят к нам светом

                 Потухшей звезды...

* * *

To give in – by an iota, or a gram,

Or an inch?.. It's closer – a frontal attack...

Being yourself is my favorite game.

It can't be sharper or harder.

* * *

Уступить – на йоту, или грамм,

Или дюйм?.. Роднее – лобовая…

Быть собой – любимая игра.

Ни острей, ни жёстче не бывает.


* * *

And the most natural case

will come

To the one

who has not broken himself.

From a tight shell –

to a bigger and better world!

Until it becomes small.


* * *

И явится

закономернейший случай

К тому,

кто себя не сломал.

Из тесной скорлупки –

в мир больший и лучший!

Пока он не станет



Translated From Russian To English By Anastasia Sergeeva




MARINA BEZDENEZHNYH: Bezdenezhnykh Marina Alexandrovna - poet. She was born in Omsk, USSR. She graduated from school, the philological faculty of Omsk State University, postgraduate studies at Lomonosov Moscow State University, doctoral studies at Omsk State University. Poems were published in collective collections, almanacs, anthologies and magazines in Omsk, Tomsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc. She is an author of 8 poetry books. She is the head of the regional literary association attached to the Omsk regional public organization of the Writers' Union of Russia. Marina Bezdenezhnykh is a winner of the twice Hero of the Soviet Union Marshal of Aviation N. Skomorokhov prize (1997), a winner of L. Martynov regional literary prize (2009), a winner of V. Makarov regional literary prize (2012), a winner of M. Shangin regional literary prize (2021), a winner of D.N. Mamin-Sibiryak All-Russian literary prize (2016). She was awarded the medal "For Service to Literature" (2012). Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of Pedagogy, Psychology and Social Work of the Omsk Humanitarian Academy. Author of many scientific publications (articles, anthologies, manuals, etc.), the monograph "Language Portrait of the Omsk Poetry School: Vocabulary and Phraseology" (Omsk, 2012). She is a member of the Writer's Union of Russia since 1994, a board member of the Omsk regional public organization of the Writer's Union of Russia, a member of the editorial board of the magazine "Literary Omsk". МАРИНА БЕЗДЕНЕЖНЫХ

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