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Days Of The Week


Monday as moon poetry

It glides gently across the sky

It comes down this morning and stands above the clouds,

as I drink my breakfast in my cup of coffee…


Tuesday as the golden journey

From buses, boats and planes,

Islands, where good people rest,

where the sunset never fades…


Wednesday as Mercury

messenger of the gods,

helps people communicate with Mount Olympus

Wednesday with all the stars in the sky inside your eyes

it does not matter on what day they are missing

I hear as if for the first time I hear a voice.

Being on opposite sides of the table with different worlds

as different desires, tastes and needs.

I want you to enjoy what I enjoy.

the sour taste of our expired time

halfway to the weekend.


Thursday as Jupiter,

the god of Wisdom

likes to see the big picture of memories.

Jupiter seeks to broaden our horizons,

to open our minds and keep looking forward ...


Friday means travel,

music and drinks with friends and family

hoping to get gratitude

of rest for deserved fatigue…

Friday ends working days

So go out and have fun

There is a sun in the sky

From now until I die

Friday is active with friends around

to renew our aspirations

to the return gate without return…


Saturday beyond Saturn.

The best emblem of the week

I contemplate the beautiful memory

And on the Sabbath day,

I always ask for a blessing! ...


Sunday comes with the sun

and goes with wine-soaked smiles,

where you can not hide anything.

To drink coffee and squeezed oranges

In a sun visibility chair,

On a rug where colors are mixed

Inspiration of Thought…


Abyssal Souls


Under the waves of the dark blue sea.

From Currila Beach

To go the way down to Kallm,

at the German Bridge stop,

because curiosity arouses me:

What Germany wanted there

To fish under the silent rocks,

Abyssal souls

Where quietly tired sailors rest

Under the waves of the dark blue sea.

I do not swim without the noise of the sea

that the pebbles under the vibrating waves,

On their return, with slow cadence,

every sound a thought

Invisible story, carved long ago

I hear it with Petro and Viola,

who have come from Canada

drawn, in the breath of the homeland…


Lovely My Friend


A friend like you is like a twinkling star,

like the ocean that flows gently and never runs dry.

A friend like you is like shining gold,

and cares for brightness every day that goes by.

Life is hard, but it is very precious.

Thank God for giving us life to live.

We comfort others fleeing from covid

We water the friendship, to grow every day.

A friend like you is like an angel protecting you

And he never lets go of his hand.

In a friendship contest,

we would get gold medals,

responsibility and kindness are the keys we hold.

Love, respect and trust are what we share.

Friendship with you is real and special.

You enlighten me when I am in the dark

It warms my frozen soul

So our friendship will never end.

Because our hearts for humanity are like a bridge

That connects not just a moment, hour or day,

Our friendship connects eternities!




MSc. KOZETA ZAVALANI - author, poet, journalist and writer. Chosen one of the 26 most prominent women in the world, and “Ambassador for Peace”. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tirana in 1982 and in 1985 she specialized in journalism. Since 1992, her work has focused on journalism. She is married with Dr. Gjergj Zavalani and has two children. Kozeta worked at the Albanian Television and published the magazine "Season for Change", while she worked intensively with international women's organizations, making known the Albanian female society in developed countries.

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