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The mother walks with her child

on the path of life and says to him:

This is a flower but it has thorns, beware!

This is plastic and this is wood

These are stones,

they can be turned into a bridge,

when they fall they become sand,

a house can be built from it.

This is the park, this is mud, watch out!

The child is released from her hand

and enters the mud.

He looks at the mud-covered boots with a smile.

The mother sits on the bench.

In the middle of the park

her child is the most beautiful flower

and she knows,

she's rich

even though she wears a five-year-old coat.


Matters Of My Heart


Tenderness …


on this rainy morning

they line up

on my trembling branches

as old Christmas decorations and

my heart trembles.

I'm thinking of an old wish,

of a former longing,

of a pain

that has not yet stopped hurting.

Oh, my heart!

The seasons that bring us?

You are full of hope!

ah, you sweet and gentle hope,

you know all matters of my heart

like silk you slip through my fingers,

like a snake you drag through the seasons

and you make a nest in my heart,

you stay there forever.


The Dead Travel Fast


I live my ghosts

to be whit you, darling

I come, reach one’s destination

and you don’t know

I have ear ache,

This pain is my own.

I come to be whit you.

Give me a hug, quickly

Give me a little love, my lover.

I let the rats and the monsters

in the madness whit the night

to rot away whit suppuration into

the place of execution to evil

No regrets, no mercy for the witch!

Groan roar whit anger sinking

in deep, falling through envy

and the blood to bleed

I let fright and the suffer behind me.

I love you foolishly!

I`m crazy about you!

Whit attachment

I`m your everlasting mistress.


… If You Only Love Me Once…


…if you only love me once,

once is enough.

if you even take the risk of finding live

yourself in my story or

if you noticed any surprising things lately on

full moon live love,

you are welcome.

in the end

nothing is permanent

but there are a thousand beautiful things

waiting for sunshine and rain

I hope you will find me in the silence of shell,

between the see stars

if you only love me once

once is enough

and if we are lacy enough,

we will end up as a love poem

and this is amaysing …

whit those red high hils

you can`t turn away from kiss

it`s more than I hope…





On Sylvia Plat


The lady comes out of her glass bell

to stretch his legs,

To put the potatoes to boil

                                      for those two hungry mouths

to talk to the bees

to greet death

                                    which is always here,

                                    sitting in her place next to the door.


The typewriter is silent

The clean lines of the dresses fall

Here she is, trying to recognize her father

- Life is dying, don't you see?

Do you not hear the voice of Ariel who has become an echo,

an echo that fills time?


The lady enters her glass bell

To turn on the gas

To close the door tightly

To sing of death

To say goodbye to winter

To welcome eternity

To put her head in the oven.


* Ariel is a masculine name meaning "lion of God" in Biblical Hebrew.




GORDANA KARAKASHEVSKA, poet, essayist, writer, artist, photographer  was born on January 31, 1973 in Pehchevo, Macedonia. She attends primary school in Pehchevo and high school in Skopje in EPU Boris Kiddrich. Since then she has lived, worked and created in Skopje with the exception of a few years of her life when she lived and worked in Turin, Italy and they will leave a deep mark on her as a creative person and artist. She deals with art and in hers free time with photography. She has been writing since she was thirteen years old, when she actively participated in regional competitions in art and literary works. For her, writing is a way of life and art is a universal language. She writes poems and short stories, both in Macedonian. Italian, Serbian and in English. Her poems have been translated into other languages and published in domestic and international online groups, magazines as well as anthologies. Book of short stories "Signor Giordano and the thoughts about ...; A book of poetry "Broken Poet and Other Poems" and a novel "Nudity" came out in April / May 2021. Her new book "House of Paper" was published in April 2022 and its promotion is scheduled for May 12. She is currently working on her second novel with the working title "The City, the River and the Lake" and hopes that she will be able to publish her books of poetry and short stories next year. She has had several joint and several solo art exhibitions in Turin, Italy and in her hometown.     In her free time she is engaged in photography, visiting exhibitions in galleries, museums and other cultural events, theater, cinema, opera and ballet, in a word she lives for art and art in all its forms.


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