Wednesday, June 1, 2022






A New Dawning


The golden smile of victory and the swearing in.

Another chapter is unfolding for little

boys and girls that dream big.

The little minds are transformed from,

blocks, dolly house, and play sets.

to believing the dream to achieve.

The cameras flashes as justice stands.

Words spoken of unity and love.

Words spoken of achieving goals.

The crowd listens, with nodded heads.

Stares of admiration, focused and unmovable.

The heart of man beats quiet as if

in a happy mood.

The confusion that once was there, left.

The acceptance of giving another chance,

made a difference after all.

It’s not yes let’s see what happens,

is yes for change and accepting

the difference.



Time Of Pray


The resurrection, the Christ, the risen lord.

This is the time of repentance, to be delivered.

The acceptance of faith and knowledge,

but the nails that sank deep and carried

every sin, that burdened some.

The crucifixion at the cross, that dragged on,

for lingered souls that judged, for souls,

that wandered and not at peace.

For souls that laughed, scorned and mocked.

To give a chance of deliverance.

But not all ears heard, or eyes see,

the blessing, the stripping of the ugly man.

Some kept the ugliness on and wanted more.

But the ones that were set free is free indeed.

The battle is always there,

and the bending of knees is freedom.

The peace is comfort, for souls who

wants it. But are they ready to be crucified?



It Went Too Far


No words for actions that disgraced the stage.

A shock moment of chaos,

The whispered lips, and the angry faces.

Where it all went wrong?

The positive energy of the heads,

a moment of truth.

They long to hear, words of comfort,

They feed on the words that bring healing,

love, security and change.

But once the head falls off there’s no direction.

Life is suspended.

Suspended from the things that are real.

An outcast only to go back into a,

cocoon’s shell for the rebirth of transformation.

Transformation of the mind and self,

Shedding the negatives, adding the positives.

to spread strong wings and fly again.



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