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The Late Nights Of Ladies And Ladies


Late at night, I sing romances,

Ode to the beauties of the city,

I set out to conquer the youth of ladies,

And the peace and quiet of the ladies.

Among the lost cities in the sun, I wander.


Sleep young ladies,

In beds of green grass filled with four-leaf clovers.

Among the tables full of food and wine,

I sing love ballads,


In memory of the late riders,

Amongst the hosts I am well received,

And of love in wine, I forget.


The Thirst For Life


Look, you've got a bump here,

He shows me in the palm of his hand,

strange lines, the gypsy,

I look puzzled, palms full of blisters,

And full of pus are my dreams.


Broken by the truth of life and love,

The pains of time past numb them,

Forget your footsteps in my palm, my love,

Among the golden tresses of the gypsy girl,

Dreams of love I'm dreaming.


Today I sleep among the gypsies' tracks,

With the lifeline interrupted by the time of love.


Stone Church


Winter has laid snow on the paths,

In the little church, among the saints painted on the rocks,

The cold penetrates the bones.

Let us pray for peace we try,

And love full of sorrows let us keep it,

Saints are never angry.


 Black figures come out of the fire,

And the white patches of rocks,

The devils fill them, laughing.


And love is played, among the saints.




CHIS TIMUR is a poet born in Romania. He has published 3 volumes of poetry and is featured in 15 poetry anthologies. He has also published poetry and prose in the literary magazines Poems for my Soul and Boema. His books have been well received by critics, winning prizes at the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 'EUROPEAN POETRY FESTIVAL, 2020' and the OLYMPIQUES MONDIAUX DE POÉSIE, 2020 and 2021. The books of poetry have been printed by Liric Graph Publishing House: - Life at 55, 2020;- Road in the twilight, in 2020;- Talking to Ariel, 2021. He is also a professor at Ovidius University in Constanta. His poems deal with late love and the irretrievable loss of time.


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