Wednesday, June 1, 2022









The champagne of her eyes


carrying specks of him

dew on the roses

adding colour to the cherry reds

touching the bosom of her four chambers

tracing patterns on the navel and hips

anklets ensconced like his hand on her waist

tattooing the henna of his name

Dushyant breathes in the jasmine of Shakuntala

timid deer filled with the pain of love

caught in the green glade of his forests

surrenders to the silken bait

her lotus petals covered with his dust ~



Plastic Carnations


Goodbye to the illusion

and the end of delusion

I smashed the rose-coloured glasses

those carnations were made of plastic

they sell it on traffic lights, with some real ones

probably to fool

just like you


yesterday I went to our favourite haunt

the coffee shop -

where you always ordered mocha

you said it tasted just like me

I believed you


do you still go there

or do you now like latte?




The pastures stretched green

lambs dozed and doves sang

pristine jasmines

serenaded fiery marigolds

lilacs watched dreamily lying on verdant beds

curling tendrils caressed blushing poppies

pushy dandelions found a spot

weeds circulated freely among all


Winds of change blew furiously

creating separate turfs


slimy serpents spread their poison

jasmines - uprooted

curling tendrils - separated

lilacs put to sleep

weeds were killed

the grass - scorched

dandelions lost their fortitude

lambs and doves lay bleeding


the jaundiced meadows

breathed their last...





SUNITA SINGH writes, recites, and narrates stories. Western education and Indian roots amalgamate, making her at ease in both English and Hindi languages. Her verses and stories are dipped in the ink of her heart and the fact that they are well-accepted is incidental. They have found a place in many Indian and International anthologies and e-magazines like Glomag, Spillwords, Destiny Poets UK, and many others. Some of her poems have won awards and a few of her Hindi poems have been turned into lyrics for private albums. She has been on the editorial board of a women’s magazine and also one of the editors of ‘The Roseate Sonnet Anthology’. She also hosts online storytelling sessions.  Her labour of love, ‘Dance of the Flamingoes’, published in 2020, has received an award from Autism for Help Village Project Trust, for the best debut collection of poetry.

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