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I always seek for imaginary balance

Arm stretching of bones and blood

to upraise the body to the feet

and displace it far away

seeking for a point of support.


Vibrating sensations of invisible air

I feel them to the skin

the capricious slide of the universe

that ignites the pores

in a perfect fusion

of unbridled imagination

of the lost consciousness

shapes of leafs detached from the trunk.


I like to lie down

To the sunlight reflection

the iris of a bud of dew

the daisy flower embedded in the ground

the crown of a wandering cloud dancing in the sea-sky

The aura that surrounds the discovered body …

In time, everything goes to the right place!


* Nankurunaisa – everything is systematized over time


Eh, I…


How much I wrote about love

many sounds, verses and words,

that fainted in front of your frozen image,

silent through the night

and I…

a burning spark

shadow lights haunted to the space

stars climbing up


somewhere in a corner of your sky.


Eh, I …,


I remained the torch of love

threaded into a rainbow color

turned into stardust for the most beautiful evening,

for the world to shine as before

wavy dreams

this day migrating so far.


Eh, I…,

tears of pain shed my soul,

to melt into you,


recognition trails behind blue windows

with signs of bulging

scraped into the bitter salt

rusted craters to my pure universe…


Eh, I…,

maybe I descended a thousand floors lower,

where the eyes are getting heavier behind the gray fog

to this darkness which is confused so badly

turned into greyish cloud dust

entwined behind the curly hair to the empty air

in the deep breath

lethargic sleep,

single reception

of that moment

suddenly awakening

embracing the light.


A Corner Of The Sky


When innocence collides

With the sad sunsets

and dreams fading away to the last horizons,

refracted to the eye spectrum

goes down

an arm of a white angel

illuminated by hanging fogs

in petals of flowers

dripping soul into sobs

blossoming of the feelings

in the deepest soul.


You are there,

hidden behind the clouds

in a corner of the sky,

that follows me with starlight

in a fading mirage

returned from a bygone smile

in gullies of the capsized soul


waterfall of pain.


Translated Into English By Arben Hoti




JULJANA MEHMETI was born in the city of Durres, in Albania. Since she was a child she became fond about literature and writing, especially poetry, a genre that in the following years will turn into a real life motive, a way to better express her ideas, her thoughts, her visions and metaphysics, her point of view according to her consciousness but also improving the awareness of the same suggestion that surrounds the human world. The first book “Soft – Poems” published in Italian language attracted the attention of publishers and Italian literary criticism, not only for its particular style, but also for new words, the language used, the philosophical message and the currents present in her poems that go from Hermetism to Surrealism. The second book comes from the field of translation entitled “Vramendje” – (Rimugino) of the Italian author Alessandro Ferrucci Marcucci Pinoli, which will constitute the first experience in this field, but will also strengthen his long-standing conviction, to know and translate in his language, many popular Italian authors. The collection of poems “Oltrepassare” is her new book, which presents itself with the new tendencies of Albanian literature, postmodernism and universal consciousness, from experimental currents to absurdity. She published in English language “In his light” (Demer Press, 2019, Netherlands in Italian language "Namasté” (Libri di – Versi in Diversi Libri- 2020, Italy) and “Nel dilemma dell'esistenza” in Italian & English Language (Libri di – Versi in Diversi Libri- 2021, Italy). She currently lives and works in Ancona, Italy.

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