Wednesday, June 1, 2022







I Have A Voice


Ink flows onto the paper,

seducing me,

coaxing me,

until my soul is bare.


collect in tiny puddles

of what I once was.

I watch as darkness and ink

dance before me

like free gypsies at midnight.

Images are now born.

Silent echoes now whisper.

Awareness breaths into my soul.

I have a voice.


Unspoken Melodies


Let the music take you

to places your feet cannot

as the universal language

spins the turntable of time backwards.

And if you are willing,

you will hear

yesterday’s rhythmic beats.

And if you are ready,

you will taste unspoken melodies

as they wet your cheeks and remind you


can still dance in your heart.




When the stars are full

and the tide is high,

legend has it,

you will see him,

searching for the wishes

and the hope attached to them.

And like me,

he waits,

hoping to reclaim the missing element of today,

drifting further away from what we have

into the murky waters of never good enough.


A Poet’s Gravity


The universe may remain a mystery for some,

Yet, for poet’s s she is the gravity that holds us in place

as we allow our pens to explore that which shines.

She gives us space within her vastness to bleed into the dark,

so we can build a path of constellations

that lead us closer to the dreams within us all.

Tethered to earth we may be,

the universe generously hands us opportunities

to capture stars onto our paper vessels

as we clear the dusty atmosphere of our minds.


A Sparrow’s Song


Composing the unspoken for the lonely,

Illustrating the seasons for the blind,

the song of the sparrow

places patterns in our chaos,

infusing meaning.


If only we just listen.





  1. Amazing ! Love this. Such talent!

    1. Thank yo so much for reading!!!!

  2. True talent. Every word so carefully chosen.

  3. @jellybeantoespoetryAugust 20, 2022 at 11:27 PM

    Thank you so much I truly appreciate the kind words.