Wednesday, June 1, 2022





Past August


In your frozen eyes

you hide a past,

drear August.

You wonder,

how did so many

empty summers pass by

hearing out of the window

the tune whispered

by the golden straws

shining under the burning sun

of noon.

Blurry memories demand

to come to light,

to become small lives,

to bathe you in their deep waters.

Pictures are flowing,

they travel you in the high noon,

and you, lifting up your head,

distrust the countless I love you …

When you scattered them,

when you gave them away,

you didnt consider who imprisoned them,

the I love you said

the I love you held

hidden in old chests,

when you picked up the keys

and threw them in the sea…




I can’t reach you,

you are miles away,

but those cool leaves from lambent lotuses

that penetrate you

are mine.

I want to capture them for ever

in the overcast sky

and give them my name.

When I feel lonely,

to take heart of your smile,

to create in my mind two sacred worlds.

When I hear you, to become a river

of molten brass and flow

with the words that jump out of your lips;

to gather them

turning them to sweet arrival

to dedicate it to you at night

just before I fall asleep

with you figure gravened on the maps of mind

that magnetizes the poles of soul.

A beam of light I become

for you that I desire,

impetuous passion,

and if you ever come to touch me,

then I will surrender

without a fight,

without hesitation…


Fall Of Love


One of the thousands of angels

Of love I am,

Who slowly begin to fall.

They gather their wings and drown them

into tears.

They have to fall abruptly

on the earth that hurts their guts.

They shudder to break their all-white wings

And be dyed in blood,

sweet blood

that betrayed innocence

and lust of love.

I pick the dewdrops of pain and soul

one by one

and throw them to the endless chaos

to vanish,

to fall ad infinitum,

so that I manage to get up,

to look up in the sky,

where I was before,

on heart-clouds,

on myriad diamonds of fire.




ANTONIS FILIPPEOS was born in Athens in 1980. He had been to Italy for two years for studies in the university of Rome. Returning to Greece, he completed his studies in International and European Relations in Athens and he obtained his degree in Italian Literature at university of Athens in 2012. With his inexhaustible creativity, he managed to set in the field of poetry. His first book, “Animus Nudus” (Cactus publications), was well reviewed and he won a lot of international awards. Some of his poems were set to music and translated in English, Italian and Russian. Lots of his poems have been included in various poetic anthologies and famous magazines. His promising second brand-new book “Silentium” (Cactus publications) has been recently published.

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