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The River Of Our Relationship


The river of our relationship

Does not get restrained by any bridge

It is surrounded by freedom and jubilance

While clusters of cloud shroud one end to the other.


Our river faces life and death everyday

With its exuberance of splashing water

It cries with passion of joy and sorrow

Let not God hear such an outcry.


Only God can build a dreadful bridge

Over the river of our relationship

Which would be the cause for the deadly nuclear weapon

To cross ruins and destruction.


Before God would realize and before the sunrise

The two of us would take a dive underneath the river of


By witnessing the novel ways of our protest

Even the wise divers would get jealous and stay away.


Living in the river we made friendship with the golden fish

And surviving even being challenged by dangerous sharks

At a distance, sentries of life and death having mysterious


Keep constant watch against building a bridge

While the river of our endless relationship flows in the



A Poet’'s Dream


I began to have sweet dreams again

Wishing stars rekindled my soul

Years of grief seemed to have vanished

My silent tears also stopped.


I dream of a life painted with azure tint

With rivers and green shrubberies

An ancient canoe and flock of seagulls

And my soul-mate who would adore poetry

Restless leaves swaying in sweet breeze

Birds dancing in the palm my hand, fearless

Glitters shining in the scarf of the cloud

Dazzling stars showering blessings.


Starlit innocence everywhere

Walkway would be reddish velvet

Horizon dazzling with rejoicing peacocks

And my dream lasting for eternity.


My renewed life would be heavenly

Seeming real yet dreamy

Actuality yet imaginative

Come everyone, share my dream.




REZAUDDIN STALIN is a well-known poet in Bangladesh and beyond and is born on 22nd November 1962 in Jessore, Bangladesh. He has done his Bachelor's degree in Economics and MA in Political Science from Dhaka University. He is the former Deputy Director of Nazrul Institute where he was employed for 35 years. Stalin’s poems got translated into most languages in the world and he is also a well-known TV anchor and media personality in Bangladesh. Stalin is the founder and chairman of the Performing Art Center and is also the senior editor of Magic Lonthon - a literary organization. Rezauddin Stalin’s total number of books are more than 100 now and his Wikipedia link is: He has received many awards and some accolades are: Darjeeling Natto Chokhro Award India (1985), Bangla Academy (2006), Micheal Modhushudhan Dutta Award (2009), Shobho Shachi Award West Bengal (2011), Torongo of California Award USA(2012), Writers club Award California USA (2012), Badam Cultural Award California USA (2012), City Ananda Alo Award(2015), West Bengal, India, Centre Stage Barashat Award (2018), Journalist Association Award UK (2018) and Silk Road Poet Laureate Award Xi’an China (2020).

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