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I Am Fine

Please Don't Read This Poem


You don't have to see this:

You don't have to stress the eyes

Cause you won't understand


You would not

You don't have to...

Nothing is wrong!

You don't have to read my poem

You will wither into my pain

Please don't read these lines

You could be caged in.

Please don't go further

Tears may freely roll

Eyes may freely swell

Hearts may easily bleed

If you continue with this write

It may read the truth


I said stop!

I have been accused

I have been depressed

I have been blamed

I have been chained

I have been bullied





Mostly for zero cause

I can feel your concern


I can!

But you should not...

Life is funny

And I have seen it

You don't have to see that

You don't have to think that

Cause nothing is wrong

Do not worry

Do not think it

Do not stress it

I am fine

Forget the allegations

Forget the interrogations

Forget the accusation

I mean forget the...

I am fine

Nothing is wrong

Just let me be

I need to be alone

I need peace

I need rest

Please, leave me in the dark

I am fi... 😔



The Power Of Simple Words


“Simple words move where big words stand!

They scan the wall of language,

As the captain scans the military zone

Head the wind's increasing scope.


Simple words understand the one-syllable word!

Spit out direction out of confusion,

Layout orderliness across a steep;

Act as antidotes to vocabularies,

Squeezed creative juices out of communication.


The wisdom of our ancestors dwells in simple words!

Our elders communicate in simple words,

Because comprehension comes without invitation;

As confusion leaves without notification.


They are rich with the right feelings!

Spice communication with the right taste

They give joy to the reader

And value to the writer,

Make poetry interesting to read.


They cut the edge of communication

injected charm in our eyes!

Dance, twist, turn mourning to singing

Brief and concise big words as a knife

that cut the edge of momma's garment.


They are like the spark in the night,

Lighting to the eyes of those who read!

They are the grace of prose

And the grease of poetry

It is difficult to enjoy the meal

of language without them!


They are like a cobweb

Can catch big words,

Hold them up for all to see;

Some make you see,

The cold deep dark at night;

Others make you feel

The deepest pain in the heart,

Like rare stones in rings of gold

Or joy in the eyes of a child.”




STEVE ANC is a Nigerian poet. His works start gaining recognition in the early 2020s before his first publication on Amazon.  He is a poet with searching knowledge and deep meditation on universal themes, he is quite a  modern poet in his adherence to language and his use of metaphors is soul-searching.

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