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Birth certificate σεων


Certificate. Of

courage And for the wrinkled

soul how will it go

without… mental health !?


The Passion Melody




The pale oranges

did not speak to us last year…


That translated

into Platonic love

that was printed in thousands of

words, languages

​​and republished

in many copies.

There in the pale orange he first kissed you He


you his blooming


from the pure orchard

of his soul ..

Right there with

his guitar he sang

his melody

A sweet

of melodic. Passion




Fish scales

distilled sea

celestial silences

Moon suit

seeks cosmic vanity

to shine in

smoke sparks of cosmopolitan iconicity…

Search for an entrenched indulgence

in the recycling bin

of the obscured mind ..

Bowing in search

of an ephemeral dance career.


love in the flower

gardens of a sensitive soul.

Satisfaction that the search

is not hidden in the lyrics of the songs

The search and the companions in

our whole life we ​​ask her for a breath

.. We beg


Her blonde hair

bathes in the river of

our tears!

Her name is always

on our lips cool

They call me Happiness

this is her name

The Happiness of hunger… .we are looking for




PETROS KYRIAKOU VELOUDAS was born in Agrinio Greece in 1977, where he lives to this day. He graduated in Greek culture from the School of Humanities at the Open University of Greece in Patras. He has worked as a radio producer in local radio stations, while publishing his poems or humorous stories in the newspapers of the city of Agrinio de  MACHITI ANAGELIA, LAS NOTICIAS DE AΙΤΟLOAKARNANIA PALMOS. He was a councilor of the municipal community of Agrinio, specifically vice-president of the city of Agrinio from 2014 to 2019. He was a member of the Panhellenic Union of Writers and now an active member of the Writers' Union of Etoloakarnania. His poems are included in Panhellenic anthologies (published by NEA ARIADNE, an anthology of poet-novelists from Etoloakarnania during the period 1821-2002). Along with his literary work it is included in the electronic encyclopedia of the Panhellenic Contributions of Contemporary Greek Writers. He is currently a member of the International Society of Greek Writers (DEEL). His literary distinctions are commendable in the first Panhellenic prose competition, he was awarded 1000 Greek Poets, he is a member of the International Society of Greek Writers (DEEL). LARRY NIVEN LITERATURE universal routes bonuses with his poem "the last sheriff" ACTIVITIES-HOBBIES- Comic book reader, ham radio music producer, lyricist

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