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Women Of The Sun


In memory of Psycho. Adriana Gamino (+)


There are women who came into this world to transcend, there are those who were forged by trial and error and managed to be the best version of inspiration.

In the transit of life, one comes across many women, they are all special, they all have poetry within them, some carry songs in their souls and become motivation just by looking at them.

There are women who shine like a needle in a haystack, they know how to make a rose bush bloom in the middle of winter, they heal with just a smile, they know how to reach the soul in moments of adversity or also in moments where sighs are carried by the breeze.

Such are the women of the sun, those who with their ANDANCES, leave a mark and are innate leaders, women who offer love in their path, women who leave the trail for others to follow, they are a source of life and they know that they do not require more than his own wings to achieve his dreams and be able to cross the mountains.

Sun women are brilliant, outstanding, they are of strength and will, but their flashes will never turn off the light of other souls, they know how to illuminate and expand the radiance, no one could overshadow them or take away what they have earned with effort and tenacity, they they are simply a sea of infinite possibilities.

These women of magic may have lived very little, but their stay on earth was a meaningful journey. They loved, they were daughters, sisters, mothers or wives, and also loyal friends; they knew how to win hearts, they transcended like the fire that provides infinite heat, they gave away their talents, their gifts and knowledge for a better future.

They may already be stars today, it is possible that their energy has joined the Universe, but their legacy and life will be turned into verses... Sun women were not and will not be unattainable; They are such common women, they live next to us, but we know that they are not from this world because their mere presence... can transform everything.


How Broken!


How broken is the world,

how many spaces are destroyed,

how many empty homes and bare hearts.


There is crying,

pain and hunger pain,

of stark sadness due to discouragement and loneliness.


This world is broken,

it is insecure and vile,

a space of massive destruction that has found an expiration date.


Very broken,

soulless and heartless humans circulate avoiding glances and breaths

so as not to infect their interior with love and madness and a better world.


We live like this,

with lost hope,

with hidden light and behind the cornice that paints concrete horizons

and without forests that provide a little life.


Broken, bewildered,

lost, very discouraged,

it may be necessary to look at our sun,

feel its warmth and love again.


Perhaps being broken is the opportunity

to rebuild this puzzle with pieces

that fit together and have the essence

of a better and new humanity.


Women Of My Lineage


For them,

who have marked my lineage,

because i carry drops of their blood within me,

marked like a tattoo.


For them who were submissive,

quiet, dreamy and good mothers...

They who gave their days

for me to start a new journey.


They who were a model,

longing, life, upbringing and anchoring,

those who did not know how to scream

and preferred to embroider their lace.


Your greatness exalts me,

your dignity gives me air,

women smell of mallow,

women of angel skin,

i am life for you, 

your essence lives in my art.


Today I venerate and honor those women

who wove with gold threads,

and pulse my courage.


They cried, suffered

or struggled to be someone,

women of velvet,

some of pipes and gloves,

some of palm and song,

others of wine and diamonds.


I am a footprint in its charms,

a butterfly in its pillars,

a little of them lives and breathes in me,

they flap and bloom ...

like a hummingbird flower.




VERONICA VALADEZ LOPEZ: Originally from Guanajuato, Mexico, Degree in Communication Sciences and Teacher in Education, Doctor Honoris Causa in Peace, Humanitarian Mission and Creativity for the World by the Moroccan-Mexico Alliance Foundation, Journalist for 30 years, winner twice of the "Golden Sun" by the National Circle of Journalists.  Broadcaster, writer, poet, journalist and prologuist. Member of the State Network of Writers of Guanajuato, Municipal Coordinator of the Network of Tertulias of the State, member of the World Association of Latin American Writers, and Ambassador Woman Sunflower of the International Association ABSORBAEX of Madrid. He worked for the Congress of the Union of Mexico and for the Ministry of Education of Guanajuato, through the Department of Colleges of Professionals of the State of Guanajuato. He has participated in anthologies, international literary events, with India, Spain, Argentina, Peru, Cuba, Mexico, Iraq, Romania, China, Greece, Cuba, Chile, England, Russia, etc. and his poems have been translated into more than 10 languages. Representative of Mexico at the Madrid Poetry Festival 2019, winner of the 2020 Research Prize, "Ana María Agüero Melnyczuk" from Argentina and First Place of the International Poetry Prize of Peru 2020, Second Place in the Poetry Contest 2019, Venado Tuerto, Argentina and First Place in the Literary and Artistic Contest 2020 (Poetry) of Cañete de Las Torres,  Cordoba, Spain. Writer of 2 books, Imperfecta and Amar desde el amor verdadero, participant in more than 80 international and national Anthologies. Lecturer and International Observer of Human Rights and ACTIVIST OF HEART, and above all proud Francorrinconense. 


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