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Had I no eyes to see you, with my heart

I would find your trace my bewitching muse

Or no ears to hear you when you depart,

My soul would then fetch you and with you fuse,

Blind and deaf, your aura I shall perceive

With you Athena, my poems I’ll weave.





Watch out! I am a tank!

an armored vehicle

ready for all raids…


Watch out! I am a gun!

made of flesh and bones,

a gun whose trigger is

a bleeding heart...


Watch out, I am a shell!

mind my explosions

my bombardments

my victims…


Watch out my troops of words!

they can rally in such an

unpredictable way

 to demolish you:

enemy of Light!

enemy of Love!

enemy of Peace!

enemy of Justice!

enemy of Tolerance!

enemy of Truth!




Beyond The Surface


beyond the face

there is a boiling brain

asking thousands of "why?"

& billions of "how come?"

rejecting dogma

resisting norms

refusing blind imitation

& in your brains

yearns to ignite storms…


beyond the bosom

there is an (over) beating heart

caring for others' pain

crying for every bloodshed

weeping over all humans slain

for a reason or in vain

& over your hearts

yearns to reign...


beyond the flesh

there is a restless soul

fighting all intruders

through the 7 chakras' holes,

safeguarding the body

against all negative energy

& your very souls

yearns to warn & cajole …


beyond the grown-up woman

there is an innocent child

who despises corruption

of the tongue & the mind

& into God's arms

yearns to run & hide...



Adam & Satan


O Adam!

You've been his rival since

your very creation-day!

unlike all angels,

he refused to prostrate

to you 'cause he saw

you as mere clay

even though

ANIMATED with a soul,

he swore to

lead you astray…


And for ages

and ages

and ages,

he kept plannin’,

plottin’, beautifyin’,

& pavin’ his way...

Now, your precious

soul he’s craftily chased

& kept at bay

and in that


he determined

to lodge & stay

till your very




Modern Slaves


We are the generation of high-tech

We are all clones before

Our mother- the phone

Never do we move without

Her umbilical cord

To keep us well-fed

And feel like a lord...


We are the generation of high-tech

Our father is the PC

For his cherished company,

All relatives we flee

All lessons & knowledge,

We all now agree

To learn them from google

When diving into its bottomless sea…


We are the generation of high-tech

Our hearts vibrate daily on Facebook

Dating has become our vice

We befriend, date, unfriend then

block & change the tactics & the hook...

By dint of lying, we have become crook

Still, like stars, we feel and look

And on life, we have all

A similar outlook...


We are the generation of high-tech

Wherever we go, we seek to face

The "Kaaba" of the Internet

Without the Wi-Fi of this new God,

We feel a big threat

Our daily prayers for Him

We shall never forget …


We are the generation of high-tech

We are the embodiment of paradoxes

We travel without quitting our rooms

We play games without sweating

We communicate with silent or moving pictures

We are aroused without being touched

We socialize while isolated

We sense togetherness while being alone...


We are the generation of the "e":













We are the generation of high-tech

We are the mind-controlled modern slaves

Illusion and reality have become synonyms for us

The smarter our devices are, the closer we come to an ass!



OLFA PHILO DRID is a poetess, playwright, teacher and translator from Tunisia and holds a PhD in American Literature. Her poems have appeared in many international anthologies and literary journals and some were translated to more than 12 languages. Some were composed and turned into Italian songs performed by Fabio Martoglio. She won many accolades among them “The Connoisseur De Poetry Award” as one of the World’s Top Six Writers by the Motivational Strips Academy (2018). Thus far, Olfa has published a play and two collections of poetry.

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