Wednesday, June 1, 2022






A Woman's Worth


Persevering under pressure

Releasing that untapped goddess within me

I finally feel unburdened, unblemished, alive

I have no tears of society's expectations of me

I tell myself, let your dreams bloom

Through sheer radiating resilience

And courageous compassion

I will experience burgeoning bliss...


Blooming Anew


Leaving behind the chrysalis of change

Feeling revitalized, renewed

Blooming with a colorful essence

Like the butterflies dancing outside

I have gone through my own metamorphosis




At one with nature

Enchanted by her beauty

She is embedded in my very soul.



Flames Of Passion


You are the fuel to the flames

That ignite my desire

Bringing my passions to new heights

Before they transpire

Leave me breathless

And contented

Sedated with love

So compatible are we

Like a hand to a glove.


My Pen Speaks Poetry...


My pen speaks poetry

Words of deep passion and feelings

Confessions and goals

It is an unburdening

Of my heart, mind and soul

To write out all my frustrations

Express the beauty I see everyday

My pen speaks poetry

In its own special way.


Virtual Vultures


Spam and viruses

Hackers and worms

Modern day scamming

Put in simple terms

Virtual vultures

Looking for digital prey

Attacked, scammed and frapped

Identities depraved.




DONNA MCCABE is an established poet with over twenty years’ experience. Her work has gained her multiple accolades within her field of literature. From being published in journals, magazines and anthologies she is also a respected admin on social media pages as well as having her own Instagram page, @donnamccabe_

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