Wednesday, June 1, 2022








I talk to my fluids.

Where should I hide?

I am a coffin of yearnings!?


I am Otherness!

No more

No less



I laugh with silence

Rhapsody of impulses.


I grip the pen between my teeth!

I break bones of bans!


Old Sutcase


I'm dressed up

in a skin



Dry, Senile and Gray.


I burn the years,

I swallow the mountains,

I lose the verbs

in Past Perfect Tense.


I'm dressed up

in a soul



Centennial, Passionate and Blue.


I'm  laughing with the light,

I undress myself with the cobweb,

I lay down listening to:

The Stains and Children

The Grandchildren and Centuries,

The Memories and Millennia...




I stamp the Time and Space.

I lose the traces of myself.

I am Someone and Nobody!

Cleft spaces, passages, parameters.

I awake the Stranger in me!

I crawl on the margins!

I'm node

Not here, not there!




MARINA MIJAKOVSKA is a writer, researcher, librarian and translatоr. She was born on 08. 07. 1984 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. She lives and works in Skopje. She has PhM and PhD in Philology. In 2007 she graduated at the Department of General and comparative literature on Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski” at the University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje. In the same year she participated in a gender studies course at the EuroBalkan Institute in Skopje. In 2008 she participated in a course for administrative work and office management. Mijakovska has obtained her doctoral degree in Philology in 2017. The title of her doctoral dissertation is Écrituré Féminine and the Novel: Annex to the Feminist Theory of the Genre. The key-points of her interests are methodology of literature, gender studies and old civilizations. She speaks English and Croatian. She has exceptional communicational and organizational and team-working skills, and work ethics. In 2012 she was a local volunteer journalist for the literary magazines Voices and Reper. Marina is an author of eleven published books. Her poetry has been translated into Albanian, Croatian, Slovenian, Romanian, English, Chinese, Serbian, Polish and Czech, and she has also been included in various anthologies. Her papers, poems and prose works are published in periodicals in Macedonia and abroad. Since 2013, has been a member of Writers’ Association of Macedonia. From 2012 to 2013 she worked as a postgraduate lecturer and as an associate researcher in the field of anthropological sciences at the Faculty of Cultural Studies at the EuroBalkan Institute in Skopje. In 2014 she worked as an editor in chife in the publishing house Feniks in Skopje. Since 2015 until now, she has worked as librarian in the National and University Library “St. Kliment Ohridski” in Skopje. Mijakovska has participated in several literary events and international festivals: Struga poetry Evenings - Struga (2010 and 2012); Korcha poetry evenings - Albania (2012); Ditët e Naimit- Tirane, Kruja - Albania (2013); Gornjogradski književni festival- Zagreb - Croatia (2014); Dani prijatelja knjige - Rijeka - Croatia (2014); More na dlanu - Pula, Rovinj, Labin i Pazin – Croatia (2015); U spomen na književnika Antu Zemljara - Pag - Croatia (2015); Kantfest - Beograd - Serbia (2016); Portile Poeziei - Karas-Severin - Romania (2016); Letni oder Ruše - Slovenia (2018) etc. Awards includе: Korcha poetry evenings (2012), Karamanov award (2013), Macedonian literary avant-garde (2013), Krste Chachanski (2014), Beli mugri (2015) and second prize at „Kantfest” in Belgrad (2015). Mijakovska is a frequent promoter and moderator at literary and library events. She was a moderator and lecturer on Autumn creative mosaic (2017), one-month writing workshop and Short stories from Skopje (2019), workshop for high school students. Mijakovska writes articles with poems and short stories for children and youth. She publishes her work in Super smeshka and Drugarche. Poetry books: Nomadic Soul (Skopje: Antolog, 2010); The Suitcases (Skopje: Matica makedonska, 2013); Psychoanalytic Alchemy Of Passions (Radoviš: Centar za kultura Aco Karamanov, 2013); Turquoise Into Summer (Struga: Bran, 2015); Bed Of Silence (Skopje: Dom na kultura „Kočo Racin“, 2015); Bony (Skopje: Dialog, 2019). Short stories book: The Houses (Struga: Bran, 2014). Books with essays and critiques: Genre Polymer:Mailbox Of Manuscripts In An Attempt (Skopje: Dialog, 2016); The Models Of Gender Identification (Skopje: Sigmapres, 2018). Poetry books for children: New Year's Children's Poems (2017). Translation from serbian language: Feminizam / Andre Mišel (Skopje: Feniks, 2014). Audio poetry book: Psychoanalytic Alchemy Of Passions (Veles: JU „Goce Delčev“, 2018)


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