Wednesday, June 1, 2022






Moons In My Eyes


The moon is shining tonight

You are really the one I put in thy heart

I know you are far away

But your smile is in mind mind


You look like stars in my eyes

Which never fades away

Oh,  just keep the  smiles to make me happy


Then I think you are around to walk at my side

When I go traveling

You are in the air I search for

Whom never makes me leave alone without warning


You  Are  In Thy Life


What you told is true

You told me that I was needed

Never I hoped it further

But you said you are mine


The words you urged is fact

I put in mine

Since you are the fuel of thy heart


The promise is real

Never I break it down on the lay ground

I put it in thy heart

Cause it is blooming like rose in the spring


When I see from far distance

And you said you are in the love

I care for always

Never I break it down from now and then


My True Feeling


You touch my face in the moonlight

As I gaze from my own place

Being with you I feel so happy


That makes my life  be like a king

I owe you some

Never be forgotten in thy life

You are the real dream whom I know


Although you are far away from my side

Your love is surrounding to grow days and nights

As I enter the marriage once in life

That makes me to be not alone


 You are mine

That has been told in my dream

That has been told in my dream

Never be exiled from now and then




SIAMIR MARULAFAU is Assoc. Prof at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, University of North Sumatera, Medan-Indonesia. He has been teaching English language and literature since 1985. Besides teaching, he also conducted researches and presented them to universities around such as in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and some other places in his country. He belongs to a group of OPA writing poems in English. He had published 2 poems anthologies in English and 7 anthologies in Indonesian language.


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