Wednesday, June 1, 2022






Turning Poetry Into Prayer


Tell me the righteous way

And save from lies and revenge,

Let there be no place for flattery in us,

And there will be no resentment in us.


Whatever anger we have,

And we did not know the despondency,

So that we do not become nerds,

To do us good deeds.


So that the pride does not get sick,

So that envy does not eat us,

So that the soul does not suffer from everything,

Give us the strength to defeat her.


And from greed, clean up,

And from the fornication of sinful too,

If we judge ourselves more strictly -

Steps will become easy for life.


Continuing brand path,

I'll only think of the eternal.

I don't want to be careless.

Isn't life the point?


Help to silence sins!

Save and save us, God!

Because we can be better,

Turning poetry into prayer.



Write While You're Breathing


Write while you're breathing! Hurricane

Turn in your direction, it's your turn,

And the thought is your guest, sometimes unexpected,

Stop at your gate.


Past hopes and excuses

You will not find it in a piece of paradise,

And your unjustified wanderings

Like a forest, he will appear before God.


And at this moment, simple and strange,

You, so driven by a sense of revenge,

left your dear father's house

without healing your wounds.


You are taking revenge on yourself for the stinginess of words,

For not sleeping at night,

For the fact that the poems are ready again,

Which is probably a penny price.


A vendetta that burns in the mind,

Perhaps your best strategist,

Write as if you are in exile,

Prepare tactics, escape.


Write while you're breathing! In a foggy moment

Do you follow the rhythm of the lines,

You will find the desired flower of love,

And exhale the desired syllable.


Vendetta* - revenge




NATALIE BISSO is a poet, novelist, essayist and songwriter. Author of 9 original collections, more than 120 lyrics, co-author of more than 104 international anthologies of poetry in 33 languages of the world. Honorary figure of world literature and art with the assignment of a silver badge. Takes part in the literary life of different countries. Academician of the International Academy of Literature and Art Development (USA); academician of the International Academy of Russian Literature (MARS); Academician of MANI; Member of the Unions of Writers of different countries, head of the German branch of the Writers' Union of North America. Advisor to the international edition of Chinese literature, international consultant - Zhonghua Poetry Garden, member of the jury of international competitions. Multiple laureate of international literary, poetry and music competitions; winner of many special international prizes; Winner of six international literary and musical medals and orders, including under the auspices of UNESCO; the title of "Golden Pen of Russia"; the title of MAESTRO.


  1. I sincerely THANK the respected Editorial Board of the OPA magazine for publishing my poems in the Poetry Archive magazine V-8 N-3 June 2022. I am very glad to be represented in such a wonderful Magazine with a huge number of wonderful international poets. Poetry unites people and makes our world a better place.
    Special THANKS to Mr. NilavroNill Shotaro.
    Congratulations on the release of the next issue of the magazine.
    Congratulations to all those who were honored to be published.

    1. Poetry turns
      Wednesday, June 1, 2022
      6:47 AM

      Poetry turns prayer
      and words become a soothsayer
      we have nothing more to offer
      than to suffer

      what are we today?
      nothing but an insignificant entity all the way!
      full of pride and arrogance
      not realizing the human life's importance

      encouraging self boost
      not believing anybody with the trust
      relying on falsehood
      and behavior not at all good

      when flatly rejected by the circumstances
      and failing upon cashing the chances
      we rush with the prayers
      and offer regrets here

      greed and jealousy are our permanent friends
      and remain with us till an end
      sending the signal of being an untrustworthy human animal
      we are simply a hopeless human

      better late than never
      let us improve upon this, here
      show that we are sincere
      and resort to the way of prayers

      (c) Dr. Hasmukh Mehta
      World Poet Laureate