Wednesday, June 1, 2022





No Fault ..


He strangles me in silence. In the tangled dream. Innocent in ungodly rigidity. Disappointed in abstraction ... In the dark impossible .. They leave it painfully haunted .. The dark promises that freeze in dislike ... Sleeping in the abstract dreams of the beautiful subject .. Embarrassed in the middle of tears drowned in fairy tales ... The everyday turned off in the lost hope .. Alienating shuffle mania that never stops ... Stubborn disobedience or wavering desires ... The dark medals you give have fun .. In the saga .you can never leave ... The capricious knitting is coming out of itself in vain ... Of every run against the honest stop where you throw ... The servile sarcasm of the worthless climbs to the heights .. Gloomy guilty face grim .. Selecting monster image spoiled irony ... Innocent violates silent victimizing bitterness ... Promising million disappointments find you formula .. Movable as clockwise changes time .. Why do you consciou


Do Not Love Me Only In The Evening !!!


Do not love me with a rationed schedule .. Except in the evening when you are free ... Do not call me only when your time is up .. To be for you only excessive crumbs ... Do not love me except the hours when you postpone the seconds that others are not with you .. Do not love me reasonably that only reason finds with me ... Do not tell me that I love you when the minuses add up and I only love you Do not tell me time s.kam and time is lost sdi how ... Do not love me except in the evening when you tell me I'm tired .... Tell me s.understands where my feeling makes sense as well .. Do not show me jealousy when I am jealous that I love you like crazy ... Do not call me crazy where in the haunted madhouse there let me ... Do not love me except in the evening when the darkness of the soul has darkened my heart ... Between the tears of the nerves of the day where you added my hours of loneliness ... In the middle of the hopeless


You Are A Mother!!!


You are a great being who is not replaced by anything .. O breast that feeds the world gives life to the universe .. Architects who build the universe and you are just one .. You are a mother and her synonym is god ... Your breast is the warmest den that envelops humanity .. The angels of life grow within your being .. In her womb many eggs are nourished and raised at one and the same time. Every miracle in the universe bears a mother's name ... The mother has no color or if it is not beautiful .. She old old crooked ... Her word is sweet every time and every place ... God-giving life that is not equal to anyone ... That groan of the soul where deep groans silent .. The key word life from her breasts comes life itself .. In the meridians of her wrinkles is written every suffering and shed tears .. Her sigh is very heavy that she exhales ... What would the universe be like if the mother did not exist ... A desert covered in ash felt.



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