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The Rose And The Hummingbird


I would like to be the rose

if you were hummingbird

to offer you blissful

the honey that flows from me.


If with your precious wings

my heart will cover

sure you found in me

the most beautiful fragrance.


Be for you bud in flower

of the flowers the most beautiful

shining like a star

to get your attention.


Bella is this circumstance

at the end propitiatory

the cause of your care

of my nectar your memory.


If it couldn't be pink

of your garden so flowery,

Then make me the nest

of your burning passion!


Being rose and hummingbird

picture of perfect love,

do not doubt the feeling

that has brought me before you.


And give me a kiss

which hummingbird in love

the warm accent longed for

of perpetual loves!




If I knew you verse,

I would not stop reading you

Hour after hour,

For you to be

Somehow imprisoned

From the insatiable thirst

From my mouth.


If you were a sigh

Your nest would have

Here in my chest,

So that when you exhale

With love

Your essence will spread

Between my bed.



If you were a dream

I would go looking for you sleep

If necessary,

And the moon would wane

Without permission,

To cradle you

Next to a star.


Because to you without being a verse,

My mouth recites you

Day by day

And you become sigh

Of happiness

That excites the feeling

What’s in my chest


And that quiet dream

From my bed,

Ignition of love

And fantasy

Was forged with your name

This poetry,

Just so you know

That I love you.




I left a kiss in the breeze

waiting to sneak in

in your sighs,

a kiss to give you

my longing,

a kiss that heals us


I have left it to luck

of hope,

I have left it as

of reason;

I have planted it in the middle


where we forked

to the target.

I left a kiss waiting

you will wish it

and when you look for it you will find it


waiting patient

point you out

how to find back

Your way.




DORALICIA HERNÁNDEZ SÁNCHEZ: Author of 14 poems. Compiler of several Anthologies, including the Commemorative Historical Memoirs of the 1st. rereferral Congress of Poetry and the V Anniversary of the ANIP AC SMGE. Co-organizer of various Poetry Meetings and Congresses in face-to-face and virtual format. CEO. of the Poetic Initiative Cultural Collective, awarded the Asso Prize, 2019 by the Grand Prix of Associations er. Member of the Literary Academy of Mexico City A.C. Active Member of the Illustrious and Meritorious Mexican Society of Geography and Statistics by the National and International Academy of Poetry AC of the SMGE, where he is President of the CDM in Poza Rica; Vice President of the CDE in Veracruz and Media Coordinator in the National Board of Directors. He has presented his books and poems at the National Palace of Fine Arts, the FIL Minería and the FIL Guadalajara.

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