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To The Ground…


What are we doing wrong

If it's fear, if it's darkness?

Where do we confuse the tracks

On the ground, by the water?


What do you say in our chest?

I don't understand? Help me!

Why is everyone against us

And now this time?


We are changing the riverbeds

Not for a year, not for a century.

We pull the soul from the inside -

Out of the ground, out of the ground.


Heart, heart in half

Someone here, someone there.

The whole world is messed up,

Everything is wrong, everything is wrong!


          To the ground, do you hear, to the ground

          Bow down to the gray plain.

          Ask, let him forgive you

          Mother Earth, then your Shrine!


Can just stop

Destroy everything, change everything.

Knowing exactly the essence of life

We are able to return everything.


Just hold out your hand

Those who are weak, who are in the shadows.

Everything can be changed

Let the birds go to the sky!


Our Life Is An Adventure


Our life is an adventure,

Everyone knows our life is a game,

And about this without exception

It's time to remind everyone.


Hours and minutes fly by,

The year changes the year.

Who is the creator, who is filled with troubles,

Only time goes forward.


Let's paint life with living colors,

After all, everyone has their own role.

Someone hides his face under masks

From the haste of being.


Someone will suddenly reach for the star

While remaining yourself.

And hand after hand will stretch

Embracing the whole globe of the earth.


We will definitely meet again

And light will be shed on the earth.

Let the world change from this

By melting the ice of other planets!


Let the creative replace the strict,

We will be brighter and bolder.

Only together we can do a lot,

Only together a hundred times stronger!


My Light


Braids a silver braid, mother,

And the moon rocks the cradle.

Sweet dream crawls on the water surface

Like a gentle cat on the bed.


I'll cover the way to nowhere with a curtain,

I'll take the light away from you.

Let them curl and weave into the eternity of the year,

Embroidering fate silhouette.


My light is next to me,

Gentle, my affectionate chick.

Shine, weave

A bright thread of the path.


Entwining with fragrant herbs, night

Adorns your cradle.

The heavens will bloom, I ask them to help,

And you, my dear, the minstrel


I'll bring you everything you want, my friend:

Warm bread and honey nectar.

I will melt the thin ice, I, sorrows, separations.

You are my magic, you are my gift!




SHULGINA IRINA VALENTINOVNA: Born in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk. Graduated from KSAMT. Composer, poetess, singer, vocal teacher. Honored Worker of Culture of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Soloist Kras. state Philharmonic Ensemble "KrasA" Head of the family ensemble "Sisters". The Shulgin family is a laureate of the All-Russian competition "Family of the Year". Honorary Worker of Literature and Art of the LIK International Academy (Germany). Academician of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts (St. Petersburg). Academician MARLEY (Canada). Academician LIK (Germany). Representative of the Federation of the World Society of Culture and Arts of Singapore. Member of the Union of Songwriters Kras. the edges. Member of ISP (Moscow). Member of SPSA and ISAI. The author of more than 300 songs in different genres, hymns, which are performed by soloists and groups from different regions of Russia. Laureate of International and All-Russian competitions. Grand Prix of the International Competition in France. Winner of the competition of individual grants of the governor of the region, for his personal contribution to the preservation and development of culture. Recipient of the Order of Merit in Literature and Art.


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